May 1, 2020 | Issue 34
Dental Community United to Reopen Offices
Today the Iowa Dental Board (IDB) approved guidelines for reopening dental offices. IDB is planning to deliver these guidelines with a joint letter of support from IDA and the Iowa Dental Hygienistsā€™ Association to Governor Kim Reynolds today, demonstrating the dental community is united in opening offices. Keep in mind this united front in no way guarantees the governor will lift the restrictions on dental offices before May 15. 
As a reminder, when the restrictions on non-emergent care are lifted, dental offices are not required to open at that time. Dentists are encouraged to use their professional judgement in considering when to reopen. The IDA Task Force on Reopening Offices will release its supplemental recommendations and resources on the IDA website early next week.
Order PPE from FastSigns
FastSigns has optimized their PPE ordering process, now requesting that dental professionals fill out this Google form to submit orders. You must also submit the Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement form to be able to receive FastSigns products. Please note the form references FastSigns co-brand, Alpha Copies, which will be the name on your invoice.
CDC Provides List of Counterfeit Products
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have provided a list of counterfeit respirators that are falsely represented as NIOSH-approved products to avoid. A list of NIOSH-certified equipment is also available for reference.
Governor's Daily Press Conferences
Governor Reynolds continues to conduct daily press conferences at 11:00 AM. Access the press conferences via  Facebook and on many local news channels.

The governor issues daily press releases regarding the status of COVID-19's effect on Iowans.  Click here to access the most recent press release.