May 15, 2020 | Issue 44
IDB Update
The Iowa Dental Board (IDB) is aware of ongoing concerns related to KN95 masks. Dental professionals are encouraged to use caution and professional judgement related to KN95 masks. Additional information regarding half facepiece respirators, which are a suitable alternative to a respirator, is included in the IDB's recently released FAQ #3 . Information regarding 3D masks is available in the IDB's  first FAQ .

This morning the IDB approved guidelines for temporary licenses for dental and dental hygiene students. The next IDB meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 5 at 10:00 AM
ADA Summarizes OSHA Guidance for Dentists
The ADA has released the OSHA Guidance for Dentistry Workers and Employers document summarizing OSHA guidance and answering frequently asked questions. Please note the Iowa Dental Board's Guidelines for the Safe Transition Back to Practice supersede OSHA guidelines, and OSHA has provided this resource as guidance only. This is one of the common questions that ADA has answered in this document.

How does OSHA’s May 1, 2020, release of Guidance for Dentistry Workers and Employers impact my practice? Does this new information supersede previous regulations? Are there additional possible enforcement consequences?

The new guidance from OSHA does not establish any new requirements and is offered as guidance only. Guidance documents create no new legal obligations and do not change or establish compliance responsibilities. Standards documents, also known as regulations, are regulatory requirements that the agency has established and published to serve as criteria for measuring whether employers are complying with the applicable laws. Employers in all industries, including healthcare, are compelled to comply with those applicable OSHA standards that are appropriate to that industry.
IEDA Survey to Assess the Impact of COVID-19
The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) is requesting assistance in determining the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Iowa. They have developed a survey to assess how businesses, including dental offices, are handling the current crisis. The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, May 22 at 5:00 PM. 
Iowa Legislative Session to Resume June 3
Yesterday, the Legislative Council Committee unanimously voted to resume the Iowa legislative session on Wednesday, June 3 at 9:00 AM. When it resumes, the focus of the legislature will be the state’s budget for FY21, including the HHS budget that includes Medicaid reimbursement rates for dental programs.
Congratulate the Class of 2020
Today is the final day to submit congratulatory messages and videos to the UI College of Dentistry Class of 2020. View the video message from the IDA Board of Trustees. 
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