May 5, 2020 | Issue 36
IDB Adopts Guidelines for Safe Transition Back to Practice
Earlier today, the Iowa Dental Board adopted the Guidelines for Safe Transition Back to Practice . An FAQ regarding the guidelines is being developed and will be posted on the  IDB website  soon.
As a reminder, this is one of the topics that will be discussed at today’s IDA Virtual Townhall beginning at 3:00 PM . IDA Virtual Townhalls are open to IDA members only; recordings are available on the  IDA website . Please contact  IDA staff  if you have any questions regarding your membership with IDA.
PPE Survey
IDA has received multiple calls from dentists and offices regarding obtaining required PPE. To gain a sense of the amount of PPE dental offices currently have on hand, we ask that you complete the IDA PPE Survey. The survey will remain open until midnight on Thursday, May 7
Fraud Alert – Beware of PPE and Test Kits from Suppliers
Demand for PPE continues to exceed supply through traditional channels. Unfortunately, some are using this situation as an opportunity to provide counterfeit products. IDA urges you to use caution when purchasing PPE, testing kits, and other supplies from suppliers you do not typically work with. IDA has been contacted by multiple suppliers and is vetting these companies to ensure they are reputable. A list of vetted PPE suppliers for face shields and gowns is available on the  IDA website and will be updated regularly as new sources become available .
database  of FDA-registered sellers of medical devices and PPE in the U.S. is available for your reference. Enter “ORW” into the product code box to view a list of registered manufacturers for KN95 masks. Please note this is only the first step that should be taken in the vetting process and these are manufacturers and not distributors. Additional information is available 24/7 by contacting the FDA at 888.463.6332.
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Governor's Daily Press Conferences
Governor Reynolds continues to conduct daily press conferences at 11:00 AM. Access the press conferences via  Facebook and on many local news channels.

The governor issues daily press releases regarding the status of COVID-19's effect on Iowans.  Click here to access the most recent press release.