COVID-19 Update

Post-Spring Break Schedule Released
Marquette to Hold Virtual Learning Days Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays; Learning Extensions on Tuesdays, Thursdays; Students Return on Campus May 4th
Marquette Catholic High School outlined its schedule upon return from Spring Break leading up through the beginning of May. Principal Allyson Headd announced Thursday the school will operate under the following:

  • Monday, April 13th, April 20th, April 27th - Virtual Learning Days
  • Tuesday, April 14th, April 21st, April 28th - Learning Extension
  • Wednesday, April 15th, April 22nd, April 29th - Virtual Learning Days
  • Thursday, April 16th, April 23rd, April 30th - Learning Extension
  • Friday, April 17th, April 24th, May 1st - Virtual Learning Days
  • Monday, May 4th - Return to Campus
Learning extension days are intended to provide students the opportunity to learn and work outside of the typical virtual learning day schedule - reading, videos, using resources to build for understanding, work on projects/larger assessments, etc. There will be no attendance taken and no assignments due on these learning extension days; however, we strongly encourage students to manage their time and work wisely on these days. As is the case with classes on campus, there are assignments and learning that take place outside of the school-day hours.

Families are encouraged to check their Renweb account as grades, lesson plans, and additional resources will all be posted there as they have been all year. Teachers will also be providing virtual office hours via Google Hangouts. Students are instructed to join their respective class Hangouts as student-to-teacher and student-to-student interactions are critical. Marquette's 1:1 iPad initiative has served as a tremendous asset in fostering distance learning.

Our technology team remains available to students and faculty to assist with any issues they may encounter during the coming weeks. Furthermore, our academic advisors and faculty continue to monitor student progress and maintain contact with any student who may need additional academic support. Counseling options remain open via video chat.

All stakeholders are encouraged to unplug over Spring Break (March 28 - April 12). We hope that this time is used to focus on faith and families. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for access to daily virtual Mass, prayers, positivity, and other updates during this time.

"In a time such as this, I am reminded of the many ministries around the world that, despite challenging situations, remain true to their mission. In France, brothers travel with the Gypsy population and educate while migrating in vans. In Pakistan, with an approximately 1% Christian population, missionary schools educate thousands of students. All of these communities applied the spirit of our Lord to their reality - embracing their diversity, creativity, faith and zeal. Certainly, moving into a solely virtual world through this epidemic creates its own challenges, but similarly, we will make it uniquely Marquette. Marquette Catholic is made special by its staff and students, not its walls. I look forward to welcoming you all back to campus," Headd said.