Feb. 4th
Debra Duardo, M.S.W., Ed.D.
Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools

It's hard to predict where we'll be in the spring in terms of the pandemic. But one thing we do know is that students and families are already asking how schools will honor and celebrate this year's graduating seniors.

That is why LACOE is organizing a group of district representatives and working with County Public Health to come up with approved promotion and graduation activities tied to the COVID rate tiers.

We are also soliciting input from my Student Advisory Council on what kind of commencement ceremonies they would like. I have no doubt they will come up with creative ideas.

School traditions and rites of passage are likely to look different this year. But I know we will find ways to make them special for students and families while avoiding any confusion or misunderstanding about what is allowed.

I look forward to keeping you informed about this effort.
Accountability, Support & Monitoring
LACOE’s LCAP/State & Federal Program unit will offer two virtual workshops on Feb. 5 and 23 to support LEAs in developing Local Control and Accountability Plans for the new 2021-22 through 2023-24 plan cycle that meet the unique needs and challenges faced by local communities during this time and moving forward.

Information and registration links available here
It’s summative assessment season, and the CDE and testing vendor ETS are committed to providing LEAs with timely updates and resources. In addition to the regular updates, office hours and Coffee Chats, ETS has developed a new website for LEAs to support all stakeholder groups during the Spring 2021 testing season. View the website.

The website offers Spring 2021 Educator Help Site, Spring 2021 Parent/Guardian Help Site and the YouTube channel containing helpful videos to ensure successful test administration. In addition to test administration support, the site offers a one-stop-shop for all requisite CAASPP and ELPAC training opportunities.

For questions about the spring summative assessment, contact LACOE’s District Assessment and Accountability Network at DAAN@lacoe.edu.
Budget & Finance
House and Senate Democrats on Feb. 1 introduced a budget resolution (text; fact sheet) that instructs committees to begin drafting the next round of pandemic relief legislation. This allows Democratic leadership to shepherd through an aid package that aligns with President Biden's COVID-19 priorities with a simple majority in the Senate.

The House passed the legislation on Feb. 3 and it is being considered by the Senate. Committees will have until Feb. 16 to pull together the bill, and Democratic leadership is aiming to get the relief legislation onto President Biden's desk by March 14 — the same day that the current unemployment insurance benefits expire.
Child Care
The LA County Department of Public Health has increased the early care and education cohort size from 12 to 14 children. Per the new LA County Health Officer Order, “Child care must be carried out in stable cohorted groups of 14 of fewer” (page 17). Additional information here.
Curriculum & Instruction
LACOE is proud to partner with the NEST Foundation to provide the free virtual workshop "Child Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking During COVID" on March 19 from 1-2:30 pm, featuring the NEST Foundation and forensic pediatrician Dr. Sharon Cooper.

The workshop will provide LA County educators, counselors and support staff with the resources and knowledge to prevent and respond to instances of child abuse, exploitation and trafficking during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For information, contact: Tonya Moore, LACOE coordinator of Physical Education & Comprehensive Health, 562-922-8629 or moore_tonya@lacoe.edu.
Foster Youth
A free 4-part webinar beginning Feb. 23 will examine “Reality, Equity, & Justice: Creating an Educational System that Identifies and Removes Barriers to Improve Outcomes for Black Students in Foster Care and Beyond.”

Join the webinar to dialogue and develop strategies with LACOE team members and the authors of the book “White Evolution: The Constant Struggle for Racial Consciousness” to design inclusive, equitable educational systems.  
All sessions will be held from 2:30 to 4:00 pm:

Session 1: Feb. 23 — Implicit Bias in Education: Reconciling our Roots & Fruits 
Session 2: March 2 — Implicit Bias, Explicit Harm  
Session 3: March 9 — The Whole Black Child: Using a MTSS Framework Part I  
Session 4: March 16 — The Whole Black Child: Using a MTSS Framework Part II

State Budget
Governor Newsom reported on Feb. 3 a projection of $10.3 billion in additional cash above last month's projections, citing the state’s strong fiscal management and tough decisions made last year.

The Governor said this funding will put the state in a better position to support businesses, vaccine distribution, efforts to reopen schools safely and help build reserves.

The Legislature and the Administration continue to deliberate on the immediate and early action proposals to provide additional learning supports to students and support the safe reopening of schools.
Student Support Services
Upcoming webinars: 
General Awareness Restorative Practices — Feb. 19 & March 5

Restorative Practices create a conversation between teachers and students that is less punitive and offers an opportunity for everyone affected by unacceptable behavior to have meaningful dialogue about how to make things right, restoring the classroom community.

Register and pay for the Feb. 19 session (same session offered twice) by Feb. 12: 

Register and pay for the March 5 webinar by Feb. 26: 
Enhancing Equity by Understanding Implicit Bias — Feb. 24 & March 12

Implicit bias refers to the unconscious associations and feelings that affect our understanding, actions and decisions. This class is about building healing and understanding to promote tolerance.

Register and pay for the Feb. 24 session (same session offered twice) by Feb. 17:  
Register and pay for the March 12 session (same session offered twice) by March 5:  
Trauma Informed Schools — March 5, 9-11 am

The pandemic and many other events have exposed children to trauma, which can cause long-term issues including anxiety, depression and PTSD. This class will help participants learn how to help those affected and important aspects of self-care for staff. 

PBIS software trainingApril 15

The LACOE PBIS team provides affordable SWIS Suite training to schools that have purchased the system. SWIS is a web-based information system to collect, summarize and use student behavior data for decision making. Educators make more effective and efficient decisions when they have the right data in the right form at the right time. SWIS provides school personnel with the information they need to be successful decision makers.

Registration fee is $45. Participants must have a charged laptop ready for training and pay for the course by Feb. 26.

April 15, 8-11 am: Register for Tier One SWIS 
April 15, 11:30 am – 2:30 pm: Register for Tier II CICO
Resources for Districts & Schools
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