March 18th
Debra Duardo, M.S.W., Ed.D.
Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools

I'm excited to announce the launch of LACOE's Learning Recovery & Acceleration Series. The series will provide direct support to educators in identifying, sharing and implementing best practices to mitigate losses and accelerate student learning and well-being.

The series is organized by six high-priority focus areas: student engagement, social emotional learning, academics, special populations, family/community engagement and operations/ logistics.

You may learn more and register for sessions on the LACOE Learning Recovery & Acceleration webpage.

Now is the time to come togather, learn from one another and lean on our education community for support. I hope this series will contribute to our collective efforts.
Public Health Update

  • Distancing in the classroom: New research has been published about implementing 3-feet distancing in the school setting. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention will review the study and take it under consideration. At this time, CDC, California Dept. of Public Health and LA County Dept. of Public Health still recommend 6-feet distancing. If CDC does change its recommendation to a shorter distance, it may still take several weeks before state and local Public Health departments review and decide if they will align with any federal recommendations.

All the following requirements must be completed before your school reopens:

  • Submit to LACDPH: LA County COVID-19 Safe Schools for All Cover Sheet — This form (also known as the cover sheet) must be completed for each individual school that will be reopening for any grades TK-12 and submitted to LACDPH at least 5 days prior to the planned reopening date. 

  • If this form (cover sheet) for reopening was already submitted for reopening some grades at your school and you now plan to reopen additional or all grades, please resubmit the form (cover sheet) for each school with any updated information. 

  • Submit to LACDPH: The LACDPH Reopening Protocol for K-12 Schools (Appendix T1) must be completed and submitted to DPH for review for each school that will be reopening for any grades TK-12, at least 5 days prior to the planned reopening date. Email the completed protocol(s) to

  • The Protocol must also be posted publicly on your school or district webpage and must be prominently displayed at each school facility.

  • If you have already submitted a LACDPH Reopening Protocol for K-12 Schools for reopening some grades at your school and you now plan to reopen additional or all grades, please resubmit the Reopening Protocol for each school with any updated information.
  • Submit to CDPH: State COVID-19 Safety Plan (CSP) — consists of two separate documents, both of which must be completed, posted and submitted to

Budget & Finance
The U.S. Dept. of Education on March 17 announced that the nearly $122 billion in new COVID-19 relief funding for K-12 schools would be made available to states this month. The total American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund allocation for California is just over $15 billion. Click to view the state allocation table and fact sheet.

The CDC will administer the program to screen schoolchildren for COVID-19 to help expedite their return to in-person learning. The agency will provide $10 billion in American Rescue Plan funds to states and cities to set up testing, with the goal of reopening schools in the final months of the school year. The CDC and state and local health departments will provide technical assistance to schools to implement the new screening program.
Child Care
LA County Public Health ECE COVID-19 Toolkit: 

  • Removed universal quarantine requirement for all individuals in the same cohort or classroom as an infected person during their infectious period. 
  • Replaced the words “face coverings” with “masks” and included the COVID-19 mask webpage as a resource page. 

  • Removed universal quarantine requirement for all individuals in the same cohort or classroom as an infected person during their infectious period. 
  • Updated criteria for quarantine exemption for vaccinated individuals to align with CDC guidance. 
Early Childhood Education community call on March 26:

The LA County Early Childhood Education COVID-19 Response Team will hold a community call for ECE providers on Friday, March 26, from 9 to 10 am. Topics include the latest guidance for child care environments, updates to early care and education policies, the availability of supplies to operate safely and how to access additional resources. There will be time for questions and answers.  

Please register here. For more information, contact or visit
Expanded Learning
To support collaboration between LEAs and existing ASES, 21st CCLC and ASSETs funded Expanded Learning programs, LACOE’s Expanded Learning Technical Assistance Unit has created an AB86 Planning Tool to assist with planning and implementing expanded learning and summer activities related to AB86.

The adoption of Assembly Bill 86 on March 5, 2021 recognizes the importance of student learning recovery as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the supplemental supports needed by students.  

It is sensible and highly encouraged that LEAs optimize collaborative efforts with and provide additional funding from AB86 to existing ASES, 21st CCLC and ASSETs funded Expanded Learning programs to build on and broaden the reach of programs already in place. These programs have the infrastructure, experience and qualified staff to meet the Expanded Learning Opportunities section of AB86 efficiently and effectively.

For years now, these Expanded Learning programs have and continue to foster relationships and engagement with students and families, reinforce academic learning and provide enrichment activities that further support students’ social and emotional needs. The inclusion of these programs in the LEA’s AB86 planning and implementation will allow them to serve the greater student body, beyond the youth currently served.

View this video to hear from instructional administrators about the significant impacts of ASES, 21st CCLC and ASSETs funded Expanded Learning programs on students and families, as well as their ability to support instructional day goals.

Reach out to your existing ASES, 21st CCLC and ASSETs funded Expanded Learning programs today. They serve as vital resources to support AB86’s fast-approaching timeline and need to provide quality supplemental supports to students.

For additional support, contact: Michelle R. Perrenoud, Ed.D., county lead, System of Support for Expanded Learning,
Foster Youth
The federal deadline for all Free Application for Federal Student Aid forms is June 30, 2021. LACOE’s Foster Youth Services Program is collaborating with Youth Development Services to host a free FAFSA and California Dream Act Application workshop. This event is open to all students in foster care who are members of the senior class of 2021.

Visit the LACOE Foster Youth Services Upcoming Events page for the month of March. This month’s trainings and webinars focus on a wide variety of topics, including trauma-informed practices, self-care and reopening of schools (for caregivers of students in foster care). 

Homelessness Educational Toolkit
A new Educational Toolkit on homelessness has been created through a collaboration led by United Way/Everyone In LA. Included in the collaborative were numerous nonprofit and educational entities including LACOE and LAUSD.

The Educational Toolkit is a comprehensive educator resource designed to teach children and youth about homelessness; specifically, why it happens and how everyone can play a role in ending it. It can be used in a classroom setting and has been designed for age-appropriate groups in elementary, middle and high school.

Resources for Districts & Schools
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