July 8th
Debra Duardo, M.S.W., Ed.D.
Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools

We expect that the LA County Public Health Department's protocols for K-12 schools will be released soon.

With COVID cases surging in our region, we know that reopening plans will be complicated.

LACOE remains steadfast in our commitment to our 80 districts. We are looking at creative ways to support students who are struggling and expanding our network of partners to support families in need.

The future may be uncertain. But we are firm in our resolve to rise to the challenge of this public health crisis.
Public Health Update
  • LA County Dept. of Public Health protocols for K-12 schools are scheduled to be posted soon.

  • The COVID-19 situation has changed over the last 3 to 4 weeks. There has been a rapid increase in the number of diagnosed cases and hospitalizations. All LA County residents should practice physical distancing and wear face coverings when around others.

  • Public Health urges everyone to avoid the 3 Cs: crowded places, confined spaces and close contact with others not in your household.

  • Always wear a face covering securely over your nose and mouth. Reminder to everyone: you are safer at home.
Accountability, Support & Monitoring
Williams Settlement and monitoring update:

The CDE has provided new  FAQs for Williams Monitoring for 2020-21. Based on the new FAQs, LACOE will collect instructional materials surveys from all teachers in the Williams cohort. The list of schools has not changed. It currently includes approximately 530 schools in 38 LA County school districts.  
LACOE staff inspecting school facilities will adhere to County Public Health guidance at the time of the visit. Inspections can be done when students are not present.

To inform affected districts about how LACOE will conduct instructional materials and facilities monitoring this year, a virtual meeting is scheduled for July 22 at 11:00 am. LACOE's Williams team will notify district staff about the meeting and provide the online registration information.  
Instructional day and minute requirements per SB 98:  
The Education Trailer Bill ( SB 98 ) provides information regarding minimum instructional time requirements and guidelines for LEAs to follow in meeting those requirements.  
Section 43501 provides the minimum daily instructional minutes for varied grade spans; however, the annual instructional minute requirements, both total and for Physical Education, are waived for 2020-21 per Section 43502 (d). 
LEAs can meet the annual minimum instructional day requirement through a combination of in-person instruction and distance learning per Section 43502 (c) provided the distance learning program meets the specified requirements. 
The length of the instructional day in 2020-21 must be established by the local governing board per Section 43504 (c). It also must meet the minimum requirements established above. 
LACOE’s LCAP Unit will continue providing updates and technical assistance via weekly meetings. Please email LCAP@lacoe.edu for registration and information.
Child Care
  • Districts have asked if they can use off-site locations, such as churches, for child care on distance learning days when using a hybrid model due to high demand and limited space availability. Using an off-site facility is permitted if the district has a state license. Districts that only operate State Preschool on campuses are exempt from the license requirement, but if programs will be operated in facilities that do not fall under Title 24, a state license will first need to be obtained.

  • Districts have asked if early education sites adhere to different COVID-19 guidelines than K-12. As early education has always been considered an essential service, it was never required to shut down, though many providers chose to do so. As programs are reopening, there are specific federal, state and county guidelines to follow, including prevention gear, group size, environments and food service. For additional information and guidance:

  • The LA County ECE COVID-19 Response Team has prepared a side-by-side summary of federal, state and county COVID-19 guidance for early childhood education and child care providers. This document will continue to be updated as new guidance is received.

  • These and additional resources for parents and providers can all be accessed on lacoe.edu/childcare.

  • Referrals to child care can also be accessed at lacoe.edu/childcare or by calling toll-free (888) 92-CHILD [1-888-922-4453].
Curriculum & Instruction
Highlighting Practices as We Pivot into the Virtual World for ALL Learners, a LACOE Webinar  
Friday, July 17, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm 
LACOE’s collective impact professional development models, tools and resources have provided guidance and support to the county’s 80 districts and school communities on reopening equitable, safe, inclusive and nurturing educational environments. The goal is to ensure continuity of learning and safety of students, staff and families during this unprecedented time.

The July 17 webinar will focus on:

  • Promising practices for re-entry using virtual learning strategies that support resiliency, arts integration, literacy and social-emotional learning 
  • Implementing virtual tools and resources 
  • Highlights from district teams that “pivoted” to online learning during COVID-19 
  • Ongoing support for educators serving vulnerable populations 
  • Exploring Universal Design for Learning, a no-cost self-paced, online course
Register here .
Facilities & Construction
Assistance from State Architect:

An updated bulletin from the Division of the State Architect provides guidance for school districts that need to expedite installation of new buildings, structures (e.g., lunch shelters) and sanitation facilities and/or alter existing facilities due to COVID-19. This include tents or membrane structure requirements for temporary facilities. 
CASH webinar – July 9:  
The Coalition for Adequate School Housing will hold a webinar on Disinfecting Classrooms and Indoor Spaces to Achieve Health and Safety Goals on Thursday, July 9 from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm.

Registration  here

Although there is no specific timeline on how often to change HVAC filters given the pandemic, steps should be taken to improve ventilation in the building. Get best practices from the CDC here .
Resources for Districts & Schools
Homeschooling Guidance, Reminders and Resources (CDE) click here

LA County Parks & Rec Summer Camps click here

Combating Summer Melt in Foster Youth Amid a Pandemic - July 16 webinar (John Burton Advocates for Youth) click here

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