Oct. 29th
Debra Duardo, M.S.W., Ed.D.
Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools

Across the country, families are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety brought on by the pandemic and other current events that have surrounded us in 2020. The upcoming election could further evoke intense emotion in your school communities.

To help teachers, counselors and administrators develop an environment that supports civil discourse and a positive climate, our LACOE team has put together a collection of election resources.

Our priority, in any circumstance, remains the safety and health of the students we serve and that includes setting expectations for inclusion and respect. As a reminder, it is important that we continue to update and revise emergency plans as necessary so that we are prepared to respond to any situation.

Please see the section “Election Resources” below. I hope that these resources prove valuable to you and your team as we continue to rise to the challenge.
Public Health Update
  • An updated Reopening Protocols for K-12 Schools has been posted to the LA County Public Health website. This includes information on how to calculate the 25-percent cap for students with special needs when a school also has an approved waiver for grades TK-2.  
  • A teacher may be assigned to a maximum of two stable cohorts. If a teacher needs to change assignment to a new cohort, the teacher should wait 48 hours from the time of ending with a cohort to the time of beginning with a new stable cohort.
Accountability, Support & Monitoring
Change to English Learner count for Local Control Funding Formula – date extended to Dec. 31, 2020:

Any student who has an English Language Acquisition Status of English Learner for the first time and is enrolled on Census Day through Nov. 13 should count as an EL in the Unduplicated Pupil Count used to determine supplemental and concentration grant funding under the Local Control Funding Formula.  

The revised date by which students must first be identified as EL is Dec. 31, 2020. This revised date provides LEAs the time to assess students with the Initial ELPAC, particularly those who first enrolled on Census Day. 

No specific updates to CALPADS are required of LEAs. This is because a student’s status as an English Learner is determined upon completion of the Initial ELPAC and is uploaded directly to CALPADS from the assessment contractor.

Students completing all four domains of the Initial ELPAC on or before Dec. 31 will generate an ELAS record with a status of either EL or Initial Fluent English Proficient and an ELAS start date representing the date testing was completed. CALPADS will automatically include on Certification Report 1.17 (English Learner Count) the students who are enrolled on Census Day and who are identified for the first time as EL through Dec. 31, 2020.

LEAs should still approve their Fall 1 submission by the Dec. 18 certification deadline so that the data can be used for the First Principal Apportionment (P-1) calculations. During the amendment window (Dec. 19, 2020 to Jan. 29, 2021), if an LEA’s Unduplicated Pupil Count on Report 1.17 increases due to additional students being identified as EL or Free or Reduced-Price Meal Eligible (through an Alternative Household Income Form or Direct Certification), then the LEA should de-certify and re-certify the updated data by the close of the amendment window on Jan. 29, 2021. The CDE will use the certified data for Second Principal Apportionment (P-2) calculations.

Change to English Learner count for federal reporting:

For the 2020–21 school year, the U.S. Dept. of Education is allowing states to report students with an ELAS of either EL or TBD as English Learners. Accordingly, for federal reporting purposes only, the CDE will report as an English Learner all students who were enrolled on Census Day and who have an ELAS of EL or TBD on Census Day.

LEAs certify these counts on Certification Report 2.8 (English Language Acquisition Status—Count by Primary Language). This report is not being adjusted; rather, the CDE will simply include both the EL and TBD students in the English Learner count that is reported to U.S. Dept. of Education.
LEAs are reminded that the EL count on Report 2.8 and on Report 1.1 (Enrollment—Primary Status by Subgroup) will not match the EL count on Report 1.17 (FRPM/English Learner/Foster Youth—Count) because Report 1.17 includes students who were first identified as EL through Dec. 31, 2020.
Communication Toolkit for Reopening Schools
With the gradual reopening of schools for in-person instruction, a LACOE-developed toolkit offers a wealth of resources for districts in communicating with stakeholders. Included are templates for messages on a variety of topics pertinent to COVID-19 and school reopening as well as social media assets, signs, posters and other communications resources. 
Curriculum & Instruction
Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning with Dr. Sharroky Hollie (Validate, Affirm, Build and Bridge “VABB” Academy) — Dec. 1, 2020 & Jan. 6, 2021 plus independent online work

K-12 teachers and administrators will find this workshop series to be highly engaging with practical information and strategies for classroom application.

The series begins and concludes with 1-hour virtual meetings with Dr. Sharroky Holllie that include Q&A sessions. The introductory session will be followed by five one-hour self-guided asynchronous modules. Participants will engage in these five modules at their convenience. 

Registration fee is $30 per participant. 

Get more information and register for the workshop series. Contact: Dr. Kathryn Edwards, LACOE coordinator, Equity, Access and Curriculum Support.
Election Resources

In addition to the lesson plans, discussion guides and professional development opportunities included in the list shared above, teachers and staff might find helpful:

Foster Youth
Free application for Federal Student Aid:

Is your district assisting students in foster care with their FAFSA and other applications that may help pay for their college fees? For every student in foster care that fills out a FAFSA application, LACOE Foster Youth Services would like to know.

Every year, district liaisons work with LACOE FYS staff to report their numbers. If your district would like guidance on how to best assist students with filling out the FAFSA, contact FYS for assistance at no cost.

Counselor Corner: 

LACOE’s Foster Youth Services counseling team has created a “Counselor Corner” padlet that provides a wide variety of resources and tools to help support students in foster care.

The team has gathered a variety of resources on topics that include FAFSA, bullying prevention, LGBTQ+, commercial sexual exploitation of children, foster youth laws, mental health support, scholarships and a staff contact list. 

Upcoming webinars:

Nov. 16/2020: Caregiver Roundtable, click here to register 

Learning Opportunity from Kaiser Permanente and Healthier Generation
Leveraging RISE! Strategies for Fostering Strong Relationships in the School Community — Nov. 4, 2 – 3 pm

This webinar will take a deeper dive into resources from the Healthier Generation Action Center that support staff well-being, specifically those related to fostering strong relationships and connections in the school community.

Title IX teams training: 

The U.S. Dept. of Education’s new Title IX regulations have gone into effect. One requirement is to have a Title IX Team (consisting of Coordinator, Investigator, Decision Maker, Appeals Officer and Informal Resolution Facilitator) in place to appropriately respond to complaints and to properly train the team. 
To assist the county’s 80 districts with this requirement, LACOE’s Office of General Counsel and Labor Relations will offer training during the month of November.

Anyone interested can attend one of three trainings to take place on Nov. 9, 18 and 30 from 1 to 4 pm.   

To register, email LACOE Labor Relations at HRSLaborRelationsStaff@lacoe.edu.
Mental Health Support for Educators
Trauma-Informed Self-Care for Educators During a Pandemic — Nov. 13, 10 am – 12 pm:

Provided by LACOE Foster Youth Services, this workshop is designed to provide participants with strategies and tools needed to create a self-care routine to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout in a post-COVID-19 world. 
Nutrition and Meal Service
Pandemic EBT extension: 

  • Students who previously received P-EBT benefits will automatically receive a new P-EBT benefit card for the months of August and September 2020. More information here.  
NEW—Eligibility for CARES Act grants to support food-related programs and services: 

  • Organizations that have received CARES Act funding from LA County are now eligible to apply. Grant applications are due Oct. 31, 2020. More information here.
Student Support Services
LA County School Counseling Symposium — Nov. 4, 2020 & Jan. 28, 2021:

The first annual LA County School Counseling Symposium will provide counselors with connections to provide educational support for students. The focus will be "Rebuilding Counseling Communities" during a pandemic and community tragedy.

In partnership with community educators throughout LA County, the symposium will provide an interactive and collaborative professional development experience for counselors and other school-based mental health professionals. The event will be split between two days: Day 1 on Nov. 4 will provide immediate support for the current climate. Day two on Jan. 28 will be a follow-up in anticipation of a rapidly changing environment.

Technology & Cybersecurity
Districts that are ISP clients of LACOE may be upgrading bandwidth due to distance learning needs. LACOE believes its bandwidth is adequate for all its ISP clients. However, any district interested in upgrading its bandwidth may contact Antonio Ocampo at ocampo_antonio@lacoe.edu or the LACOE Helpdesk at helpdesk@lacoe.edu.
Resources for Districts & Schools
120 Digital Resources for Home-Schooling (TEACH.com) click here

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources (LA County Mental Health Dept.) click here

Health & Safety Guidebook (CCEE) click here

Wide Open School (Common Sense Media) click here