April 20, 2020- UPDATE 5

Dear Union Bank Customers:

As many of you begin to receive payments through the U.S. Government’s Economic Impact Payment (EIP) program in the coming weeks, either as direct deposit or paper check, we want to make you aware of the anticipated payment schedule, as well as recent scams where fraudsters are targeting these payments. We also offer suggestions on what you can do to protect yourself.


  • Phone Scams - scammers claiming to be IRS (Internal Revenue Service) agents asking you to “verify” personal information in order to receive your EIP check. Don’t give out your personal information.

  • Phishing and Malware Scams - scammers sending texts or emails claiming that you can receive your money faster by sending personal information or clicking on links.  Don’t click on links from suspicious emails or text messages.

  • Bank Scams - you may receive a call or email from scammers pretending to work for Union Bank. They may ask you for your account information or Social Security number. Union Bank staff will never ask for personal information through text, email or phone calls from us. Don’t give out your personal information.

  • Counterfeit Check Scams - be aware of receiving a fake EIP check from a scammer. Signs of fraud include instructions asking you to visit a website or call a number to confirm receiving the check. Don’t go to an unknown website or call a suspicious number.


The IRS and Union Bank will never call you and ask for personal information about your bank account, debit card account, or PayPal account in order to receive your EIP check


  • Don’t reply or click on any suspicious links
  • Delete the unknown text or email immediately
  • Hang up immediately and do not engage with an unsolicited caller
  • Do not call or visit any phone numbers or websites unfamiliar to you


The following resources are available from the IRS who constantly updates its information about the latest scams:


Using Union Bank’s digital banking system, you can monitor your accounts for any unusual activity without leaving your home. Visit our COVID-19 resource page to learn more about our remote banking services and additional COVID-19 information to help keep you and your finances safe.

If you have questions, or need assistance, contact our Customer Care Team at 800.753.4343, or call your local branch.

Together we want to help you, our staff and our communities get through these uncertain times. We will notify you of any additional changes that occur.

If you have concerns regarding the authenticity of this email, please call us.

Thank you for entrusting your financial needs to Union Bank.