June 4 COVID-19 Update
This message includes

  • May 25 Public Health Order and Challenges for PDD Agencies: Direct your questions or concerns to us 
  • Invoicing Process: Clarified 
  • Relaunch Planning: Relevant resources  
  • CSS Weekly Q&A: Released yesterday 
May 25 Public Health Order and Challenges for PDD Agencies 
We are hearing that the most recent  Public Health Order (CMOH 23-2020) has generated confusion for residential service providers, whether they are licensed/designated facilities mandated to follow the order, or unlicensed/non-designated sites (which include many PDD group homes and supported living arrangements) that are  strongly recommended  to implement the standards. As the range of activities and businesses that can be accessed by Albertans increases, agencies are reporting that they are dealing with contradictory expectations or pressures, as well as staffing redeployment issues as community access programs begin to open.  

We encourage service providers to direct your questions or concerns to us (or submit them via your regional chairs) so we can forward them on to Community and Social Services (CSS) to address either via the CSS Weekly Q&A, or follow up via other appropriate channels. 
Invoicing Process Clarified
The Service Provider Partnership Committee’s Contract Working Group met last Friday to develop further clarity on the invoicing template and process. A revised FAQ will be available at the  PDD Contract FAQ site.  The clarification identifies acceptable detail to align invoices with PDD’s payment codes, and the acceptable timeline for confirmation and validation. Regional staff will be briefed on the changes and regional directors will share an orientation with agencies once it is updated. The working group will reconvene on June 19 to assess any additional adjustments needed, as well as to discuss the impact of staff benefit and severance costs if the furlough extends beyond 120 days. 
Relaunch Planning
CSS’ relaunch guidelines for disability services are expected to be released early next week and will be published on the  Alberta government’s guidance page . In the meantime, as you plan the reopening of your program areas, you may find the following resources useful: 


CSS' Weekly Q&A on COVID-19 
CSS’s latest Q&A, released yesterday, can be found here

Please continue to submit to us or to your regional chairs any questions you may have that CSS can address via their weekly Q&A as the relaunch progresses. 

ACDS COVID-19 Contact Email
Service provider input and engagement is critical to helping ACDS advocate on behalf of the sector. Service providers can report their issues, concerns and questions to our dedicated email, and a member of the ACDS Leadership team will respond:
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