May 28 COVID-19 Update
This message includes

  • May 25 Public Health Order: Amends the April 10 public health order; orientation webinar 
  • Reopening Community Access Programs: ACDS tool to assist with reopening  
  • PPE Access: Disability service providers continue to have access to free PPE 
  • CCS Weekly Q/A: Not issued this week as no questions received; continue to send us your questions 
  • New Resources: AHS Rehabilitation Advice Line; return to work employer toolkit 
May 25 Public Health Order
The new Public Health Order (CMOH 23-2020) amends the April 10, 2020 Public Health Order (CMOH Order 10-2020). Amendments relevant to PDD group homes, include: 
  • Increased guidelines and allowances for activities that can happen at licensed supportive living and continuing care facilities while restrictions to protect residents and staff continue to be implemented  
  • Detailed updated operational and outbreak standards, replacing Part 2 of CMOH 10-2020 
  • Revised COVID-19 screening questionnaire (Appendix B of CMOH 10-2020)  
  • Updates to group/recreational activities and resident outings, including an increase in the maximum indoor and outdoor group size to 15 people 
The Government of Alberta is offering a 1-hour  orientation webinar  for operators highlighting the changes to the standards. The next webinar for licensed supportive living facilities is at 3:30 pm on Friday, May 29.  Learn more and register here .  
Planning Tool for Reopening Community Access Programs
ACDS has prepared a  Decision-Making Framework and Planning Tool  to assist organizations with risk assessment and planning as you reopen community access programs. The tool was recently revised to include updates following amendments in the May 25 Public Health Order. 
Disability Service Providers Continue to Have Free Access to PPE
On May 25, an email from the Provincial Operations Centre (POC) was sent to community stakeholders regarding continued Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) access. The email understandably caused some confusion. Community and Social Services (CCS) has confirmed that changes outlined in the email from POC do not impact service providers and that: 

1. Disability Service Providers, PDD FMS agreement families, and FSCD families that directly employ disability workers  continue to be prioritized for access to PPE related to the COVID-19 pandemic – including after July 1st 2020

2. Disability Service Providers, PDD FMS agreement families, and FSCD families that directly employ disability workers  WILL NOT  be required to pay for access to PPE related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including after July 1st 2020
CSS' Weekly Q&A on COVID-19 
Community and Social Services shared that a Q/A will not be issued this week as they did not receive any submissions with questions to inform this week’s communication. 
ACDS will forward any questions to CSS informed by you, so please continue to bring issues and questions forward to us at . Regional Service Provider Council Chairs can also access this process on your behalf.  

New Resources
Alberta Health Services has launched a Rehabilitation Advice Line for Albertans over the age of 18 living with disabilities.  

The Alberta-only service - available by calling 1-833-379-0563 - connects callers to allied health clinicians who can help them access services close to where they live and provide information about: activities and exercises that help with physical concerns; strategies to manage the day-to-day activities affected by these concerns; rehabilitation services open for in-person and/or virtual visits; and community-based organizations that can support them. 

The service is available seven days a week, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
COVID-19 Return to Work Employer Toolkit  

Law firm, Dentons has developed a  toolkit  to help employers with some of the employment law issues that they may face as provinces and businesses begin to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Service providers will find this toolkit helpful as your employees return to work. 
ACDS COVID-19 Contact Email
Service provider input and engagement is critical to helping ACDS advocate on behalf of the sector. Service providers can report their issues, concerns and questions to our dedicated email, and a member of the ACDS Leadership team will respond:
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