Dear Lycée Families, 

As we continue to work with the State and our community of New Orleans Charter Organizations/Schools to ensure we are fully prepared for all COVID-19 contingencies, we would like to give a brief update on student attendance and truancy. 

First and foremost, and in accordance with CDC recommendations, if your child is sick please keep them home and schedule an appointment with your general pediatrician. 

Secondly, as of now, the LDOE has not provided specific direction on policy changes regarding attendance and truancy as it relates to parents choosing self-isolation in avoidance of potential exposure. At this time, and under these circumstances, parents may reserve the right to keep their children at home, however the absence will be marked as an unexcused unless a doctor’s note is provided, as per our current policy. We will continue to work with the State regarding guidance to school districts, charter organizations, and families in addressing attendance and truancy considering the potential severity and fluidity of the situation. Please expect more detailed information which we will update as needed. 

Lastly, and in order to streamline resources, this upcoming Friday we will go live with a ” COVID-19 Response and Resources ” page on our website where we will post updates and resources you may find useful. We ask that you check the page to find information or responses to your concerns before contacting Lycée staff or administrators. This will assist us in streamlining resources at this challenging time. 

We thank, again, all those who offered insightful and useful comments, resources and assistance. We also appreciate your kindness and understanding as we navigate this novel and difficult challenge, and most of all the positive feedback you offered regarding our school’s response. 

The Administrative team
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