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New additions to our Anti-Covid arsenal! 🚫🦠 πŸ”» πŸ”» πŸ”»...

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Not Phase-3: As Rx soldiers on in Somerville, we’ve been working to develop solutions that will help to bring our athletes options in education and coaching that DO NOT violate the city mandates of minimal gathering and proper social distancing, and we would like to announce a few more of them today!

  • This past week, we piloted a specific 6:00AM Open Gym+ section from Monday-Friday, exclusively for the simultaneous performance of a complete training program advised by a coach, so that all members in attendance might receive appropriate guidance on technique and WOD format. Since we’re still unable to operate β€œclasses,” we appreciate your patience in keeping this 6:00AM section program-specific, so that a maximum number of athletes may come in early to receive education and feedback as they lift!

  • This week, we will be adding a similar 6:00PM Open Gym+ section to our weekday roster of offerings, programmed in the same format as the morning section, so that we can continue to provide education as part of our service. We will SUPER appreciate the same respect in allowing us to keep this 6:00pm section program-specific, so that we can assess the number of Rx Athletes who would like to have a structured workout after a very long hiatus!

In short, PLEASE only register to attend the 6:00AM and 6:00PM Open Gym+ sections if you plan to follow the daily workout along with the other attending athletes!

Loustrong x Rx Strength Training: Many of the Rx Family have seen how our coaches have grown during quarantine, and Luis Yzusqui has found a true passion in his minimalist bootcamps around the Boston area. 🀩 We are VERY EXCITED to announce we will be adding these weekly workouts to the Wodify schedule as an added perk of your Unlimited membership! πŸ™Œ

  • Loustrong will be offered in TWO different formats πŸ’ͺ: outdoor and online.

  • Zoom workouts will be offered every Wednesday and Friday at 9:00AM.

Let's show Lou some love by signing up!


  1. We are still offering Scott Schirmer’s Mobility class via Webex on Sunday at 11:00AM! 🧘 Sunday is a great day for a recovery, and getting to know your body + joints is a perfect way to stay active, while giving your nervous system a chance to rest. (Of course, if you still need that strength and conditioning fix, don’t forget Kettlebell Fit is every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6:00PM πŸ’£β€”all you need is a single kettlebell and your phone or laptop to join the live stream from home!)
  2. ☝️ Both Rx@Home classes are FREE FOR ALL MEMBERS.
  3. Stay tuned for a new IGTV episode of Cooking with CDB, when our favorite food expert Chef Dave Blessing will be teaching us how to make the perfect 🍚πŸ₯’ poke bowl! Psst... CDB recently nabbed a pretty cool sponsor and will be sharing his affiliate code with us!! πŸ™Š

P.S. Look who just got married!! πŸ‘€
A huge congratulations to Rx Athlete, Michelle McMahon! We wish you nothing but the greatest happiness, and your big day was the joy we need to see in the world right now! Love you both β™‘