COVID-19 Update for Building Owners and Operators
COVID-19 Update
April 15, 2020
Dear ProAsys Clients and Friends,
As we all continue to work through the challenges that are presented to us by the COVID-19 crisis, ProAsys is still operating in order to provide the water treatment programs that you depend on.
I discussed in past communications, that ProAsys employees are taking as much precaution as possible when we are visiting clients.  We are following social distancing guidelines and wearing appropriate PPE at all times during our service visits. Our goal is to keep our employees and your employees safe and healthy.
We know that there are a number of facilities that will continue to be unoccupied or have minimal occupancy for the coming weeks and maybe months.  This is relevant to some office buildings, entertainment facilities, and especially schools, colleges and universities.
For facilities that are unoccupied or have minimal occupancy, ProAsys would like to provide the following advice:  
  • We recommend starting up cooling systems and running them to control building humidity and eliminate the opportunity for mold to grow in air handlers and ductwork.
  • Running cooling towers will also help minimize the bacteria load in the systems by
  • allowing our chemical feed systems to feed biocides on a regular basis.
    • If your cooling tower is filled, but not running, please contact your ProAsys representative so we can provide advice on bacteria control. 
  • If steam boilers are not going to be used (for kitchen use, for example) consider using a wet lay-up product like our Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor.
  • Review the CDC Guidance for Building Water Systems before reopening buildings.  Please remember that stagnant water will allow bacteria to grow in the domestic water systems and increase the risk of Legionella in your facilities. 
    • Please note that the CDC Guidance referenced above recommends that hot water heaters are set to at least 120°F and higher temperatures can further reduce risk of Legionella growth, but take measures to prevent scalding if your temperatures are >130°F.
    • However, we have addressed this issue many times before and cited published literature from ASHRAE and others that hot water heaters should be set at a minimum of 140°F.
    • In addition, please review your building piping network and create a flushing plan specific to your building before beginning to flush.  Consult Purdue University's Center for Plumbing Safety for more information.
    • The Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA)published an excellent document with resources for building owners/operators.
  • Finally, ProAsys can sample your Domestic Water Systems for Legionella bacteria before your building reopens.  However, the lab takes 7-10 days to provide results, so please plan ahead.
ProAsys is here to help you with your water treatment needs. 
Please contact your account representative or me if you have any questions. 
Thank you and may you, your families and loved ones stay safe.
Be well,
Timothy Keeler, President                                                                                  
For a PDF copy of this letter, click here.
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