Dear Morgan Hill Business Leaders:

Leaders throughout Silicon Valley are working to create a recovery plan. Let our South County voices be heard! Take the Silicon Valley Strong Small Business Survey . The City of Morgan Hill is starting to develop a local recovery plan. At the bottom of the email, we included a table that shows some of the ideas we are bringing forward to the City Council this Wednesday evening (5/20).

We want to hear YOUR ideas about what our businesses need to help with the economic recovery.

You can share your ideas via email and/or join us at the following meetings:

  • CITY COUNCIL MEETING: Wednesday, May 20th at 7 PM (likely to be discussed after 8:30 PM) Staff report on Economic Development Work Program & Economic Recovery ideas. Link to the City Council meeting:
  • TOWNHALL MEETING: Thursday, May 21st at 5:30 PM One-hour meeting dedicated to hearing business recovery ideas. link to the town hall:

or simply…

You can always send us an email that we can forward to the City Council
Morgan Hill residents with urgent, non-emergency questions or concerns are directed to call or text 408-767-6404 .
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