July 31, 2020
COVID-19 Update for Staff, Families & Friends
Dear Staff, Families, and Friends of Tabor Village:

Happy BC Day!
Each year we celebrate BC Day on the first weekend of August. As has been the case for most of the year, our celebration will be very different. You, along with more than five million people, will be enjoying supernatural British Columbia. As Canada’s westernmost province, BC is defined by the rugged Pacific coastline and majestic mountain ranges. Whether you are hiking or biking on trails in provincial parks or camping, there is so much to experience in our province. Whatever you do this weekend, we are all blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world with so much adventure a short drive away from home.
But before we head out, please remember to “Be kind, be calm, and be safe” a phrase for all British Columbians. As Dr. Henry says “fewer faces, bigger spaces”. Let’s all do our part this long weekend to continue to flatten the curve.

Be Kind 
Please continue to reach out to seniors, especially those isolated, lonely and who need help from others. This has been a particular hallmark of the pandemic, seeing acts of kindness to neighbours and especially seen at Tabor Village by families visiting through video conferencing, window visits and arranged visits. 
Please treat others as you would like to be treated. Unfortunately, we hear from staff that some visitors are not as polite and patient with the new reality. We are all in this together and we find ourselves in uncharted waters with often no guidance of how to get to the other side of the shore. We need to support and build each other up with kindness and understanding. Our responsibility to our staff members is to create a respectful workplace environment and rudeness to screeners or other staff will not be tolerated.

Please always be kind.
Be Calm
Tabor Village has reached out to counselors to psychologically support staff members who have weathered through the storm of two outbreaks at Valhaven and Tabor Home. The impact on staff of the moral distress caused by implementing outbreak safety measures has taken an emotional toll on many of us and we are here to support one another as we walk through this valley together.
We have heard from many people on the increased levels of anxiety caused by the pandemic. One of the strategies more and more people are using is building up personal resilience to weather whatever stress comes your way.  Recovery from physical, cognitive, and mental health pressures during the pandemic may be more of a challenge among older adults with chronic conditions or functional limitations. Lower resilience in older adults with pre-existing conditions make them even more vulnerable. However, recovery of an individual needs more than one’s own resilience. As the spotlight is shined on seniors care, we need to advocate for age and dementia-friendly communities. This means the rebuilding of campuses of care like Tabor Village. If ever there was a time to define our future, it is now with a better way of caring for seniors in a new centre for living that better helps to reduce the risk of spread of infections and focus on quality of life and enhancing lives.

The experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic will drive the world to re-think for the future, and resilience should play an essential role in the approach of healthy aging for well-being of older persons.

Please always Remain Calm.
Be Safe
You know what to do. Continue with the safety measures that you have been practicing. Physical distancing, washing our hands, not touching our faces and wearing personal protective equipment such as masks are essential to staying healthy and reducing the spread of the virus.

While we may be invited to socialize in ways that, before we ever heard of COVID-19, we would have never given a second thought to doing before, we need to collectively ensure that all our interactions with others take into account our responsibilities to keep others safe by breaking the chain of spread of infections. There are many ways to enjoy the company of others safely. We value you being part of the Tabor community and we have expressed this message to you from the beginning of the pandemic. Take care of yourself and those you care most about, and remember other people’s health and safety is dependent on the decisions you make. 
Please always Be Safe.

We have a role to stop the spread of the disease even if you are at low risk. 
We care about your well-being and we want you to care for those you rely on
you for their well-being.
Open Door Communication
Our goal throughout the pandemic is to ensure that communication channels remain open. You are encouraged to reach out to myself or your loved ones' care team with any questions or support you need as we all work together to continue to ensure the safety and wellness of vulnerable residents, tenants and your beloved family members.

From Abbotsford to Ashcroft, from Chilliwack to the Chilcotin, whether you are in a kayak, canoe, or boat; hiking on a trail, swimming in a lake, or bar-b-queing in your backyard, enjoy super natural British Columbia. Happy BC Day!

Yours sincerely,

Dan Levitt, MSc., CHE
Executive Director
Will You Take Up the Challenge?

Restrictions might be loosening around the province, but for healthcare workers, not much has changed. With the Province opening up, there is higher risk of spread, which means Personal Protective Equipment is more important than ever.

PPE is in extremely high demand and the prices are astronomical. We have raised $43,000 of the $100,000 goal.

We have roughly 260 residents Village wide, which means there are 260 families. If every family gave $220 today, we would reach the total $100,000 goal to cover these increasingly high expenses of necessary supplies.

Will you take up the challenge and give $220 as a family?

  • Online: Visit the link below
  • Phone: Call 604-859-8715 ext. 147
  • Cheque, drop off at Tabor Home or mail to
  • Tabor Village 31944 Sunrise Crescent Abbotsford, BC V2T 1N5
  • Designate your gift as "COVID-19 Relief Fund"
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Checks can be made payable to:
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