July 29 , 2020
Attention Douglas County Businesses

Grant funds are still available for small businesses in Douglas County. If you are a business located in Douglas County who's been adversely affected economically by the pandemic, please apply! This grant is for sole proprietors, independent contractors, non-profits and for-profit businesses. If you have not received any Federal CARES Act funding to date, we highly encourage you to look at the application to check your eligibility. You can still apply if you've received unemployment benefits.

State of Oregon

Last week some changes were announced regarding face coverings that include:
  • No more indoor exceptions for heavy exertion or performing.
  • Face coverings are required outdoors when physical distance can't be maintained.
  • Children five and up are now required to wear face coverings when in public (including when indoors at summer camps, etc.)
  • For more information on the new rules on wearing face coverings, go here.
  • The maximum indoor occupancy for restaurants, venues, or indoor entertainment providers (bowling alleys) is reduced to 100.
  • Restaurants and bars must close by 10 p.m. (All on-site consumption of food and beverages must be complete by 10 p.m. Businesses can continue to provide take-out or delivery until midnight.

Oregon Health Authority - Weekly Report from July 15

OHA funds more than 170 community groups to support contact tracing, outreach and other efforts to combat COVID-19. Read the release from July 23 here.

Click here for PPE Resource Assistance for Community Partners from OHA.

OHA COVID-19 Resource Guide - an informational tool with links to information on topics ranging from tips for avoiding coronavirus transmission (in multiple languages) to mental health resources to information on "public charge" issues.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley | COVID-19 Resource Website
Local Updates
Resources for All
Oregon Office of Economic Analysis | A new blog post has been posted about the economic impacts of working from home and broadband access in the state. Based on a range of measures and data, Oregon does better than much of the rest of the country when it comes to broadband access and working from home, though there remains room for improvement. Read the blog here.
Employment/Unemployment Resources
Family/Child Care Resources

Oregon Department of Education | Update guidance for the upcoming school year has been posted. The Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance details the impacts of COVID-19 on education and explains mitigation measures. Find more education-related resources from the department here.
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