July 22 , 2020
Attention Douglas County Businesses

Grant funds are still available for small businesses in Douglas County. If you are a business located in Douglas County who's been adversely affected economically by the pandemic, please apply! This grant is for sole proprietors, independent contractors, non-profits and for-profit businesses. If you have not received any Federal CARES Act funding to date, we highly encourage you to look at the application to check your eligibility. You can still apply if you've received unemployment benefits.

State of Oregon

Oregon Health Authority - Weekly Report from July 15

OHA COVID-19 Resource Guide - an informational tool with links to information on topics ranging from tips for avoiding coronavirus transmission (in multiple languages) to mental health resources to information on "public charge" issues.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley | COVID-19 Resource Website
Local Updates
Employment/Unemployment Resources
State of Oregon Employment Department | A new website provides simpler, user-friendly guidance to pandemic assistance for small business owners, "gig" workers and others ineligible for conventional unemployment benefits. If you have lost (and/or continue to lose) income due to COVID-19, this site clearly summarizes state/federal assistance options, allows user to evaluate threshold eligibility, and connects users to the appropriate entity. Check it out here. To access the new online form for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) initial claims and weekly certifications, go here. Frequently asked PUA questions and answers can be found here.
Business Resources
SOWIB | You can build your customer confidence that it's safe to patronize your business by prominently displaying signage and images that confirm your commitment to community protection. Signs and stickers are available from many sources. You can find signs and stickers and other PPE on the SOWIB supply store here.
Previously Shared Resources
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