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COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 Update
What is COVID-19
COVID-19 is the disease contracted from the Corona Virus. The Corona Virus is named because of it's crown like shape. Corona means "crown" in latin.
COVID-19 is a code meaning: CO = Corona - VI = Virus - D = Disease and 19 refers to the year the virus / disease was discovered.
How many COVID-19 cases are in Peel Region
Peel Region remains a low risk area for COVID-19. As of March 16th at 11:30 PM 21 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed with no deaths. You can get the latest information from:
What's the Federal Plan
The Federal Government has announced a $1B COVID-19 Response Package. You can see full details by visiting the MBOT website at:
Further assistance for small to medium size business is still to be announced.
What's the Provincial Plan
At the moment, the Premier has declared a State of Emergency for Ontario. You may see the details at:
The Premier has indicated the province will be presenting a financial package in the near future.
The City of Mississauga
The Mayor has convened an emergency meeting of the Economic Development Advisory Board and has conference calls set up with community leaders including the Mississauga Board of Trade for March 18, 2020. Details will be posted on the MBOT website on March 19, 2020.
Links To Financial Assistance Are Available Here
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