July 19, 2021

Dear AdventurePlex Camp Parents,

It is important to Beach Cities Health District and AdventurePlex that we are transparent. This letter is to inform you that one of our team members at AdventurePlex tested positive for COVID-19 today, Monday, July 19, 2021. The person last worked at AdventurePlex on Friday, July 16, 2021.

This person did not have contact with campers or other employees while exhibiting symptoms and was not exhibiting symptoms the last time they worked their shift. In addition, this person did not come into work when they started experiencing symptoms and will follow the guidelines set by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health (Public Health). Since there was no exposure to campers or staff within the last 48 hours, no one is considered a close contact.

As a reminder, we take the following steps to protect AdventurePlex staff and campers:

Pre-shift Symptom Screening:
We conduct symptom/contact screening before each shift to identify persons who may be positive with COVID-19. The employee did not report to work when they first noticed symptoms or after they tested positive.

Contact Tracing
We notified Public Health as required. Since no exposure occurred at AdventurePlex, contact tracing is not necessary at this time. Should exposure occur, AdventurePlex will implement its contact tracing procedure to notify any close contacts of said exposure.

Cleaning & Disinfection
AdventurePlex is regularly cleaned after every rotation per the Appendix K guidelines from Public Health. We also have a professional cleaning company that cleans the facility at the end of each day.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols
We have kept strict face mask protocols indoors and outdoors, as well as adhered to physical distancing and cleaning safety protocols outlined in Appendix K guidelines from Public Health. Campers are also in stable groups with limited interaction with other staff and campers not in their group.

Return to Work
We will follow guidance from Public Health regarding diagnosis or exposure to COVID-19 for employees.

We understand that this information may be unsettling. We want to assure you that we will continue to be diligent to maintain a safe and clean environment for our campers and staff. Please reach out to the General Manager, Cindy Foster, with questions or concerns at cindy.foster@bchd.org or (310) 546-7708.

In health,

Dr. William Kim
Chief Medical Advisor
Beach Cities Health District
Code of Conduct
AdventurePlex is committed to maintaining a culture of respect for all members, staff and visitors. As such, we require our members and staff to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner at all times while utilizing our facility. Engaging in behavior that is threatening, disruptive, violent or harassing in nature or making comments that are verbally abusive or profane will not be tolerated and is cause for immediate membership termination. Members who have experienced conduct that they believe violates this policy should bring their complaints to the attention of the front desk staff. If a member is dissatisfied with an AdventurePlex staff member’s response, they should request to speak with the AdventurePlex manager on duty.