Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

We have learned that an external vendor working on our Kansas City campus on Thursday, April 2, has tested positive for COVID-19. The worker was completing a current construction project, and there was no known direct contact between the individual and any KCU employees or students. Access to this area by outside contractors has been suspended for two weeks.

KCU has taken an abundance of caution in our efforts to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. We are grateful for the cooperation of our entire campus community as we made the swift transition to virtual classroom learning and remote working situations in anticipation of an occurrence such as this.

Some students will be on our campuses later this week to pick up any remaining items essential for their remote learning. No access will be granted to the construction area.

Please continue to follow CDC guidelines for public health best practices and adhere to the shelter-in-place orders issued last week by the state of Missouri to help ensure we mitigate further spread of the virus in our communities. You can visit KCU’s COVID-19 web page for additional updates and information. Once again, we wish a speedy recovery to all those directly affected by the COVID-19 virus.