Date: March 20, 2020
Re: COVID-19 Update

Current and friends of the Oklahoma City Black Chamber of Commerce,

Our role as a chamber allows us to interact with various organizations and resources.  Our desire is to funnel that knowledge on to you as expeditiously as possible. Our intent is to share data specific to our partners and others within the sphere of our business and personal localities.

Minority businesses and those businesses who serve minority communities, statistically suffer more and more quickly with events like COVID-19.  As we channel information from agencies and organizations to you,  we need to hear from you , regarding issues you may be encountering.  We want to be your voice to the larger community to ensure you are an integral part of the conversation.  Solutions begin with acknowledging concerns and problems.

Here are a few tips to help guide you during this public health crisis:
1.        Develop a COVID-19 Strategic Plan:  Identify what you need to do by week and by day.  If written, it literally can focus you on the specifics of what is necessary to get done.
2.       Call: all companies that provide services to you (utilities, internet, insurance companies, those from whom you lease, etc.)
3.       Reach out to your customers: (by email, phone, text, ads in papers).  Let them know your plans and strategies in succinct terms.  If you have developed alternatives, identify and share with them.  Just keep communicating in the most effective and least costly way.
4.       Contact: your lawyer and CPA, particularly as tax season is approaching.  News indicates tax day is moving to July 15.  Verify with your CPA.
5.       Read and review: all contracts with suppliers.  Consider re-negotiation and discussion of other contract terms that could be affected. 
6.       Talk and discuss: openly, plans and issues with employees.  Refer them to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission regarding unemployment claims, if necessary.

Small Business Relief:   As of today, the state of Oklahoma has not been identified, yet, as disaster area for COVID-19 which would allow Small Businesses to apply for loans thru the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).  Hopefully, this will be announced within the next few days.  You may go to the following sites to review: 

·        General Information on the program: Loans
·        Eligible Disaster Areas Page:
·        Application Page:

OKCBCC and the Board are here to help.  We implore you to take all the necessary steps to ensure your safety and that of your respective businesses during this time.  Your personal well-being, for you, your family, and your staff is important to us. Please be aware of all legal guidance and recommendations given by local, state and federal officials. 

Joanne M. Davis
Executive Director
OKC Black Chamber of Commerce