This a brief update from the US Board of Directors and Kenya Board of Trustees in response to COVID-19. 
Following recent cases of COVID-19 in Kenya, both our Program Manager at HP and Principal of HHLC have taken steps to address this situation:
Hekima Place’s Program Manager has reported ALL of our girls will be coming home to HP within the week. They have called in all staff to assist. All students will be picked up in our buses – none will take public transportation; children will be given proper information in order to remain calm; cleanliness efforts will be raised; an isolation room will be prepared with masks, gloves, disinfectant (just in case); Vigilance in monitoring staff and children for symptoms will be ongoing; no visitors or volunteers will be permitted; only staff will come/go and a cleanliness process has been instituted before entering the compound; No one will be leaving the compound unnecessarily. Additional safeguards will continue to be instituted.
Our Principal has reported with affected persons coming from less than 20 miles away from our location, and directives of the Kenya government, our HHLC administration took immediate action to close our school Monday, March 16 until further notice. In addition, all of our staff has been encouraged to stay home with their families awaiting further instructions. The teaching staff will continue to reach out to the children as they work from home to prepare home assignments.
At this time, we are taking all the necessary steps and precautions to safeguard our girls and children of HHLC as well as our staff. This includes our security guards who will continue to protect home and school as well.
The Board of Directors, Trustees and Board of Management join with Sr. Joyce, our principal and Margaret, our program manager in saying “we are aware of the fear that has engulfed many countries, and we join hands in solidarity with these many parts of the world to pray for healing for the affected and an end to the pandemic”.