How to apply

To apply for federal unemployment compensation benefits, start here, at the state of Florida's unemployment website . Or you can apply using the DEO's new mobile-friendly website found here.

April 28, 2020 UPDATE : If you submitted an unemployment application on or before April 4, 2020, YOU NEED TO APPLY AGAIN. If you submitted your application on or after April 5, 2020, you do not need to reapply. In either of the above scenarios, independent contractors will be denied state benefits. Once denied, you will need to wait to hear from DEO in order to continue the process of applying for PUA benefits. A flowchart outlining the process can be found here .

IMPORTANT: If you own a business or brokerage and are considering applying for an emergency business loan provided through the CARES Act, you may wish to hold off on applying for unemployment benefits since applying for unemployment may impact your ability to qualify for a federal emergency loan, and vice versa.