November 25, 2020
COVID-19 Update
Dear Family and Friends of Tabor Home:

From a Grateful Family
"We continue to support you, and KNOW that you are doing an excellent job in outstandingly difficult times. I can’t imagine how heavy your hearts are for the Residents, your coworkers and your own families. Some people have grumbled to the Press but I am positive that that is a minority who are very very fearful and reacting out of fear. We are not able to care for our loved ones at home...we don’t have the strength, the equipment and the knowledge. You do, and that is why we are so grateful they are at Tabor. Just keep going an hour at a time, a day at a time and there will be an end to this. We are praying that God allows that to be soon. You will wear a badge of honour in our hearts at the end of this, that you protected many lives. Yes, there have sadly been those that have passed but if your dear residents were in the larger community many many more would have succumbed to this sneaky virus.

We are so sorry for those of you who have had the virus and its affects on your families. Trust many of you are feeling better. Thank you for putting your lives at risk for our loved ones. Take heart and go a minute at a time.

We have been very grateful for the immediate responses whenever we have contacted Tabor about my Dad. We have always felt “in touch” with you and that answers are clear, kind and professional. Yes praying the time hurries on so we can leave 2020 behind. Again our grateful thanks."
-A grateful daughter

Positive Residents: 67
Negative Residents: 30
Deaths: 16 with COVID
Positive Staff: 55

There are no new numbers to report today. The important thing to remember is numbers are not everything. What matters is that every resident, family, and staff member is affected by this virus right now and every life has value. Every life matters, every life is significant. Every life is treasured. Every loss is a tragedy and one that is felt deeply and weighs heavily on all of our hearts.

May we continue to hold on to Him in this crisis and believe for healing in Tabor Home.

A Prayer From Dan Levitt, Executive Director
In seeking courage and comfort, I studied a passage from Yeshayahu, Isaiah Chapter 40 in particular I found inspiration from lines 26 – 31 and wrote the following prayer based on this passage…

May we lift up your eyes on high and see greatness, strength and completeness.
May we all find strength and support those who are weary.
May we lift up those who may stumble.
May we find understanding in what is incomprehensible.
May we find hope and renewal of our vigor.
May we raise our spirits on the wings of an eagle.
May we find the resolve knowing others are running alongside us.
May we walk alongside the needy and not tire.
May we know a better tomorrow.
And may all our words of blessing always be heard.
Caring For Our Mental Health
This has been an incredibly difficult season we've entered. This outbreak has caused added stress, anxiety, and grief. Our hearts go out to all the families who may be grieving the loss of a loved one or grieving the loss of visiting with loved ones. This has had devastating effects on us all and it is no surprise that the mental health of all of us, families, residents, staff and community have been impacted. Below you will find some resources that I hope will help you in this time of immense hardship and grief.

BC Bereavement Helpline

Abbotsford Hospice Society - Grief Counselling
  • Extending support to all families and staff at Tabor Village that may need bereavement support presently and in the future due to the traumatic events, exhaustion, and grief that families and staff are living through daily.
  • Grief support services are free to any persons needing support with anticipatory grief or the loss of a loved one.
  • Email the Program Manager for confidential intake sessions and support
  • Email:
  • Website:

Peace Portal Counselling
  • Registered clinical counsellors, registered social workers, a psychologist, and an associate for counselling services available
  • Phone: 604-542-2501
  • Website:

Moving Family Forward Services
  • Non-profit organization providing free services, available in multiple languages
  • Phone: 778-321-3054
  • Website:
Day of Prayer - December 1st
This too shall pass, but until then we pray.
Will you join us for another 24 hour day of prayer this coming Tuesday, December 1st?

Sign up for a 30 minute or 1 hour time slot with Jackie.

What Can I Pray For?
  • Pray for the dearly loved residents in our care.
  • Pray for the hard working, dedicated staff who continue to care from the heart on the frontlines of this fight.
  • Pray for creative and innovative ideas to combat the isolation and loneliness that residents are experiencing due to being kept apart.
  • Pray for wisdom for Public Health officials and our Tabor Village leadership team as we continue to navigate this virus.
  • Pray for quick recovery for all those who tested positive for the virus.
  • Pray for continued health, protection, and strength for those who have tested negative and/or have recovered and are back at work.
  • Pray for a miracle for Tabor Home.

CBC News Interview with Dan Levitt
Aged care workers are proudly committed to their calling, they choose to work in seniors care, they want to honour the grandparents of our community and they know how important this work is.
Rapid tests could be one more tool, along with temperature checks, mask use and cleaning, to push back the rate of outbreaks at care homes.
It's really the asymptomatic staff members, so if we could test them every day when they come in, we would wait for 15, 30 minutes until we get the results back and then if they're clear then they'll be able to come in.
If we could do that, it would make a huge difference.

Read more at the link below.
Care home providers add to growing appeal for rapid...

Care home operators in B.C. say having a daily rapid COVID-19 test for their workers could help stem outbreaks and alleviate anxiety about brining the virus to elderly people under their care. The comments follow B.C. Seniors Advocate Isobel...

Read more
Prayers For Tabor Home
"Thank you for all you do for our mother... and all the others living in your homes. We appreciate you ALL. Blessings to all of you. Prayers for all of your safety."
-A grateful daughter

"Praying for healing for all at Tabor Home and Village."
-Friend of Tabor Village

"Praying for God's healing touch for residents and staff."
-A grateful coworker, Valhaven

"Sending love and prayers to all staff who are all affected by this devastating pandemic, COVID, may God give strength and courage to get through this amen"
-A grateful community member

"We are all with you in prayers, sending immense love too."
-A grateful family

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Yours sincerely,
Dan Levitt, MSc., CHE
Executive Director
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