November 27, 2020
COVID-19 Update
Dear Family and Friends of Tabor Village:

It is emotionally overwhelming to hear firsthand from so many family members who have expressed their gratefulness to Tabor Village. In their own words they have said there are many reasons to be thankful. There are more and more people extending their helpful hands in kindness to older persons and those who care for them and that is a good thing. Tabor Village will always keep the faith. We will get through this together, we will learn from it and we will be a better society because of it.

Tabor Home Outbreak Update
Active COVID-Positive Residents: 64
Total COVID-19 Related Deaths: 17
Active COVID-Positive Staff: 56
Total Recovered Staff: 41

We take this situation very seriously. Together with Fraser Health infection control team, Tabor Village has implemented enhanced safety measures to stop the spread of the virus. These measures include:
  • Twice a day screening of staff including temperature checks.
  • Cohorting residents and staff to specific neighbourhoods.
  • Droplet precautions for residents.
  • PPE – Masks, Eye Protection, Gloves and Gowns.
  • Physical distancing measures.
  • Frequent Hand washing.
  • Enhanced cleaning of high touch surfaces.
  • Regular audits: hand washing, PPE, declutter, environmental and soiled utility.

Tabor Home COVID-19 Testing
We are continuing our weekly testing of all staff and residents at Tabor Home. Those who have recovered, but previously tested positive are not tested again as the virus could still be in their system, but no longer transferable to others. This follows Public Health guidelines. Testing is only done on those who have tested negative.

Tabor Home Communication
We are in regular communication with Tabor Home families in daily letters and weekly phone calls.

Four additional staff have been dedicated to communicate with families including:

We are continuing to look at ways to keep families connected with loved ones during this difficult time and are working with Fraser Health to find a safe solution.
Grateful Families
“...thank you and all the workers at Tabor Home looking after our aging parents. This is many times a thankless job for them although it is much appreciated. My mom is currently in Tabor Home. The restrictions regarding visits is difficult and we understand the reasons for the restrictions."
-A grateful son

"Thank you so much! I have just spoken to... now about my Dad’s condition and she mentioned she was able to read them to him. Thank you to all of you who make these “small” things happen. Everyone has been so kind and compassionate and have gone “the extra mile” to help us feel connected to our Dad. We appreciate all of you at Tabor and are praying continually that God would give you grace and strength and much wisdom each day. We are so grateful to all of you for putting your life at risk to look after our loved ones!"
-A grateful family

"It must be so difficult to keep your spirits up with everything that is happening... I don't say it often enough so will say today, thank you so very much for being there, for handling this time with courage, grace and kindness. You all are so appreciated and my prayers are with you and your staff and your families."
-A grateful daughter
Honouring Older Persons
Every staff member showing up to each day at long term care sites are potentially putting themselves in harm’s way. They ensure they are maintaining their safety measures when not at work, completing the self-assessment daily, monitoring their own health, going through the COVID screening check point, having their temperature check, wearing PPE all day long to serve the grandparents of our community. We are indebted to these heroes who are showing up each and every day to care for the most needy in our society at a time when seniors care is being scrutinized and they have chosen this calling to help others. 

It is not for the glory, but out of love for the people in their care. We have heard from so many people wishing Tabor to be strong and persevere through this challenging time. The outbreak at Tabor Home has shown the true colours of people. The Tabor Village employees are selfless in their care of others and dedicated to ensuring the safety of older persons and their co-workers. As one staff member shared with me today, “Dedicated and loving individuals serving as Christ intended”.

Another long serving staff member wrote a personal note of inspiration as she is self isolating while she recovers from the virus: 
Hi Dan and the Staff of Tabor: As I'm sitting here at home recovering from this covid myself. I'm praying for all of you my coworkers and my dear residents who are also recovering from covid. And to all of you staff who have recovered and back to work and those who have still been working and testing negative, may the Good Lord be with all of you. Hope to see all of you soon. We shall beat this."

Caring For Our Mental Health
This has been an incredibly difficult year. The outbreak at Tabor Home has caused added stress, anxiety, and grief. Our hearts go out to all the families who may be grieving the loss of a loved one or grieving the loss of visiting with loved ones. This has had devastating effects on us all and it is no surprise that the mental health of all of us, families, residents, staff and community have been impacted. Below you will find some resources that I hope will help you in this time of immense hardship and grief.
BC Bereavement Helpline
Abbotsford Hospice Society - Grief Counselling
  • Extending support to all families and staff at Tabor Village that may need bereavement support presently and in the future due to the traumatic events, exhaustion, and grief that families and staff are living through daily.
  • Grief support services are free to any persons needing support with anticipatory grief or the loss of a loved one.
  • Email the Program Manager for confidential intake sessions and support
  • Email:
  • Website:
Peace Portal Counselling
  • Registered clinical counsellors, registered social workers, a psychologist, and an associate for counselling services available
  • Phone: 604-542-2501
  • Website:
Moving Family Forward Services
  • Non-profit organization providing free services, available in multiple languages
  • Phone: 778-321-3054
  • Website:

United Way of the Lower Mainland
Day of Prayer - December 1st
This too shall pass, but until then we pray.
Will you join us for another 24 hour day of prayer this coming Tuesday, December 1st?

Sign up for a 30 minute or 1 hour time slot with Jackie.

What Can I Pray For?
  • Pray for the dearly loved residents in our care.
  • Pray for the hard working, dedicated staff who continue to care from the heart on the frontlines of this fight.
  • Pray for creative and innovative ideas to combat the isolation and loneliness that residents are experiencing due to being kept apart.
  • Pray for wisdom for Public Health officials and our Tabor Village leadership team as we continue to navigate this virus.
  • Pray for quick recovery for all those who tested positive for the virus.
  • Pray for continued health, protection, and strength for those who have tested negative and/or have recovered and are back at work.
  • Pray for a miracle for Tabor Home.
Tabor Court Recreation Update
Please see the calendar of activities for next week at the link below.
With 218 stockings already covered and stacks of Christmas cards already received, we know we will see all 262 residents receive lots of love this Christmas. Mark your calendars for Giving Tuesday, December 1st and if you haven't already, give your gift of $50 to cover a stocking and/or drop off a card or two, perhaps get the kids involved with some artwork and let's make this Christmas one for the history books.
#stockings4seniors #GivingTuesdayCA

Additionally, because Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to giving back, we have a draw running where you could win one of these awesome gift cards:
  • $100 to Tanglebank Garens & Brambles Bistro
  • $50 to Payton & Buckle Fine Footwear
  • $50 to YES CHEF

This draw is our way of thanking all of you who have given so much. All the details are on our website at the link below.
COVID-19 Information Website
Visit our website for all the COVID-19 news and updates. We post all our communications, surveys, and policies there so there is always a go-to spot for you to find what you're looking for.

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Yours sincerely,
Dan Levitt, MSc., CHE
Executive Director
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