November 20, 2020
COVID-19 Update
Dear Family and Friends of Tabor Village:

Update On Tabor Home Outbreak
During the Tabor Home outbreak, 63 residents in total and 44 staff in total have had COVID-19. Sadly, there have been two deaths. Some who had tested positive have already made a full recovery.

The health and safety of our residents and our staff is our first priority and a responsibility we take very seriously. We continue to work with Fraser Health to ensure the following measures are in place to prevent further spread of COVID-19 at Tabor Home:
  • ensuring that staff wear a procedure mask that covers their mouth and nose, eye protection and other personal protective equipment as recommended;
  • ensuring twice-daily screening of tenants for any signs of illness
  • enhancing our daily cleaning practices;
  • maintenance of 2m of physical distance in dining rooms, staggered meal times, tray service or other strategies
  • cancellation of group activities and client gatherings, while providing one-to-one activity as appropriate;
  • visitor access restrictions and screening measures for essential visitors
  • providing active staff screeners to support site to screen all staff twice a shift
  • providing ongoing staff education by Fraser Health and facility-based staff
  • priority access to necessary supplies such as masks, eye protection and gowns
  • grouping of staff and residents to prevent cross over between well and sick individuals
  • weekly testing of all staff and residents

For general information about COVID-19, call 811, or visit HealthLinkBC:

If you have further questions, please contact myself, Dan Levitt, Executive Director, by phone at 604-859-8715 extension 102 or email at

Throughout the pandemic, Tabor Village has modified the life enhancement program that provides programs and services to help older persons stay engaged and positive focusing on quality of life. We are in regular communication with families in daily letters and phone calls and connecting families with their loved one living at Tabor Home. Tabor Village continues to look at ways to stay connected with older persons and their families.

With the number of staff who are not available to work due to COVID-19, an essential services staffing plan was implemented at the beginning of the outbreak, which includes overtime shifts, outsourcing additional health care workers from Fraser Health, hiring staffing agencies and recruiting staff from post-secondary institutions health care programs. Most importantly, Tabor Village is blessed with health care workers who are going out of their way to be in the middle of an outbreak to support their colleagues, to ensure the work gets done, that safety measures are in place and that 'Care from the Heart' continues. 
A Message
From A Tabor Home Healthcare Hero
"Working in health care we are getting tested weekly, if we are showing no symptoms we continue to work even on the same day that we have been tested. Us nurses, care staff, doctors, etc. are the ones caring for COVID patients. We are putting ourselves at risk along with our families every day!

Remember the next time you want to point blame, judge, or ridicule us for if or when we test positive, put yourselves in our shoes and understand the stress and anxiety we have on our shoulders. We have children to care for, some of us single parents, we have to pay our bills and put food on the table just like everyone else. We also have to look out for our own mental health, sometimes seeking support from our fellow work family has been more comforting than non health care providers, but judging, and making assumptions about what’s going on in our place of work is disheartening and the last thing we need in this difficult time.

I have seen other businesses being ridiculed and slandered that have had outbreaks, that have tried their very best to have a safe environment for people to come to.
Some are very quick to voice what they assume has happened or is happening... the stress of all of this is more overwhelming and anxiety inducing than COVID itself. Remember to stay kind to one another, we are all dealing with a lot."
-A Tabor Home Healthcare Hero
Don't Lose Heart Tabor Family
If there is one thing I can say to encourage you, it's don't lose heart. We know this outbreak is heartbreaking, discouraging, and can be anxiety inducing. We know that the separation from your loved ones is painful. We know that fear of the unknown may be filling your hearts and minds at this time, but don't lose heart.

By implementing some hard and fast rules and restrictions now, we hope to speed along our recovery process and get back to being outbreak free much faster. We just completed another round of weekly testing for all staff and residents at Tabor Home and are praying we see zero or at least very minimal test results of COVID positive individuals. Will you join us in praying against any more cases?

Some hope to hang on to...
  • New medical treatment protocols for COVID positive nursing home residents.
  • Many staff have already fully recovered and are back to work.
  • Many residents who have tested positive are still showing no symptoms and are doing very well.
  • There is a large community spread across the Fraser Valley praying for staff, your loved ones and YOU. In fact, some of our supporting churches have held church wide prayer meetings to pray specifically for Tabor Village. People care about you and this Village and are thinking of all of us.
  • Staff, our very own healthcare heroes, have continued to show tremendous strength, dedication, and caring hearts for your loved ones. They refuse to give into the disheartening situation and instead are choosing to show up, to work long hours, and to sacrificially serve and love on your loved ones because they truly do Care from the Heart. Your loved ones are in good hands.
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Now to December 7th
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2.Personalize it.
3.Bless a senior.
We can't change restrictions, but we can certainly help make this Christmas a little extra special this year. Help us give all 262 residents at Tabor Village their own personalized stocking.

You cover the stocking, we do the shopping. It's that easy.

We are beyond THRILLED to announce that we have 175 stockings already covered! Thank you to all those who have donated and for joining us in our mission to shower the older adults of Tabor Village with an abundance of love and care this Christmas after a very difficult year.
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Yours sincerely,
Dan Levitt, MSc., CHE
Executive Director
604-859-8715 x 102
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