December 1, 2020
COVID-19 Update
Today, Langley Lodge stopped by Tabor Home to deliver 300 donuts, bottles of water, put up signs of support, and (literally) cheer on staff as they came and left for work. This care home has been through an outbreak themselves and come out the other side COVID-FREE and stronger because of it. Some words of encouragement from these fellow healthcare heroes...

"If there's one piece of advice we can give to you all, it's don't read the news! They don't get it and they won't ever get it. You know, and we know, that you're doing the very best you can. Don't let the media or Facebook comments drag you down. Keep fighting and keep going strong.
You'll be stronger because of it."

"We think about you guys everyday and our hearts just break for you."

"We know exactly what you're going through."

"We support you and are behind you 100%"
Tabor Home Outbreak Update
Our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones during this season. Our hearts are breaking alongside yours and our thoughts and prayers are with you. There are no new numbers to report today, but the important thing to remember is that every life matters and every loss is felt deeply. Our hearts are with you Tabor family.

  • Total cases since the outbreak: 89
  • Active cases: 70
  • Total COVID-related deaths: 19

  • Total cases since the outbreak: 58
  • Recovered and/or returned to work: 38
  • Active cases: 20
The seniors group of one of our supporting churches, Northview Community Church, delivered over 200 gift bags of goodies for staff today. They are praying for all of us and wanted to express their support and encouragement for Tabor Home. Our partner churches truly do 'Care from the Heart' and are behind us 100%. We cannot thank our church community enough for everything they have done for Tabor. We are blessed with an amazing community of people around us, praying constantly for quick healing and recovery for all of Tabor Home. Be encouraged Tabor family.
We are thrilled to announce that early this morning, we had every time slot filled for our 24 hour day of prayer. Thank you to everyone who signed up and been praying for Tabor Home. Your prayers and support are cherished by all of us and with those prayers, we have hope for a brighter tomorrow and for this outbreak to come to an end soon. Thank you Tabor family. This too shall pass, but until then we pray.
Giving Tuesday Still Going Strong
We have been overwhelmed by the response to Giving Tuesday and our Stockings 4 Seniors campaign. We've been receiving donations all day and have stacks of cards waiting to be put in these stockings. While Giving Tuesday ends tonight at midnight, the campaign for Stockings 4 Seniors ends next Monday, December 7th to allow time for any last minute givers out there to get their donations in.

If you would like to drop off a card or make a donation, 100% of all gifts go directly to the residents. It's not about Tabor, it's about giving these seniors a light at the end of a dark year. Thank you to all those who have given, we cannot wait to announce the grand total next week when all donations are in.
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