October 2, 2020
COVID-19 Update
Dear Families and Friends of Tabor Village:

Fall Concert with Calvin Dyck
This past Sunday, September 27th we held a Fall Concert with Calvin Dyck where the Tabor Court tenants had the opportunity to enjoy a physically distant concert outdoors. Thanks to our videographer, we were able to livestream this one hour event to our Tabor Village Abbotsford YouTube page where we had just under 300 people join us online to tune in on the fun.

Calvin Dyck never disappoints and Sunday was no different. Thanks to the tenants and all of you who tuned in, to Calvin Dyck and pianist, Carmen, and to our videographer and sound technicians for bringing this event to life. City of Abbotsford was kind enough to lend us a couple tents, along with our main sponsor Envision Financial who without them, this would not have been possible.

Since Sunday's event, we have reached just under $54,000 out of the $100,000 goal for our COVID-19 Relief Fund. THANK YOU for ensuring Tabor Village remains a COVID-19 FREE zone.
Happy Retirement Dr. DeLeeuw!
If you haven't heard yet, Dr. Charles DeLeeuw is retiring and will sadly no longer be with us at Tabor Village. He has been an instrumental and beloved part of the Tabor Village team and while we are sad to say goodbye, we wish him all the best in his retirement.

We are pleased to welcome a new team of doctors to our Tabor Village team.

We welcome Dr. Jason Chhina to the team as of October 15th. In addition, Dr. Jaffri, Dr. John Chan, Dr. Bill Chan, and Dr. Moodley will all be joining the Tabor Home team of doctors. We are also pleased to welcome back Dr. Malhi from mat leave.

We welcome Dr. Sarah Pawlovich and Dr. James Warkentin to the team. They will be replacing Dr. DeLeeuw at Valhaven and residents will be divided between them.

If you haven't already, you will be receiving a letter from us with further updates in regards to doctors, as well as the particular doctor who has been assigned to your loved one. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to one of the following:

Visitation Review Survey
Thank you to all those who have already completed this Visitation Review survey. You can see the latest up to date results at the link below.

For those of you who have not yet completed the survey, it takes only a matter of minutes and is greatly appreciated. Consider what your ideal visit would look like and let us know. We want to serve you and your loved ones better and we welcome your suggestions. Help us, help you. Teamwork makes the dream work.
With summer now past, the cold is creeping in and a new season is upon us. We have been asking you to complete the Visitation Review Survey and after reading over your responses and comments, we realized your biggest concern comes down to one thing:
mental health.

So what are we doing about it?

Introducing the Cozy Hearts campaign where 'Care from the Heart' abounds in gifts of love. Throughout the Fall and Winter months we are focusing on getting cozier, comfier, and homier across Tabor Village. We want every resident/tenant to feel overwhelmingly loved, valued, and cherished. We want them to feel cozy both in their physical bodies and in their hearts.

From one Cozy Heart to another, will you join us?

Here's How:
Pick up a cozy gift of your choice, whether that's for your own loved one or for others and we'll be sure it gets to the right place. Let's spread the love across the Village over these chilly months so every resident/tenant knows that someone is thinking of them, praying for them, and loving on them.

Below are some ideas, but let your creativity shine and feel free to reach out with any questions you have.

Let's get cozy!
Gift Box of Love
Warm Socks
Photo Album
(large print)
Cozy Sweater
Cozy Blanket
Custom Photo Puzzle
Sweet Treats
(care plan approved)
iPod & Headphones
International Day of Older Persons
"It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years!" - Abe Lincoln

October 1st marks the 30th anniversary of the International Day of Older Persons. Society often attributes false stigmas to older adults. They may have a few more wrinkles, but rarely do they let go of their zest for life. The people we have the privilege of caring for keep us laughing everyday and often give us a much-needed perspective change. It's an honour to care for older adults and to celebrate their many contributions to society.

Find the older persons in your life and ask them about their story. We all have one. Try listening to theirs and join us in celebrating the many older adults we care for.

What will your legacy be?

I worked for Winston Churchill on Project Habakkuk, a top secret mission involving ice boats.

Our family started Tabor Home 60+ years ago and it's served thousands of older adults ever since.

I taught Terry Fox in High School.

I worked as an Intelligence Officer and served in WWII and the Korean War.

I helped roll bandages for injured soldiers during WWII.
Dan Levitt: With International Day of Older Persons,...

The face of the world will continue to age. By 2050 older adults in the world will total 2.1 billion. In some countries a 10-year-old has a 50 per cent chance of living to 104 years of age.

Read more
Check out Executive Director Dan Levitt's article on International Day of Older Persons above. Dan also joined the "Mornings with Simi" segment on CKNW 980 yesterday. Hear Dan's thoughts on the election promise by the BC NDP for $1.4 Billion to eliminate multi-bed rooms of health authority long-term care sites.
Getting a big boost for senior care in the province

Higher pay for workers, individual rooms for residents, and a whole pile of cash. That's what NDP leader John Horgan is promising for senior care if he's reelected. Guest: Dan Levitt, teaches long term care administration at Simon Fraser...

Read more
Welcome to my life, the magazine about pursuing the life you love!
my life magazine is published by the Tabor Home Society. Over the years we've learned a few things about not letting anything, especially aging, slow us down or keep us from living a full, inspired life each and everyday. Most materials for seniors are aimed at helping with preparations for slowing down, where we think that retirement is just the beginning of a new adventure!
What Is This About You Ask?
my life is about exactly that: older adults taking charge of their own lives and living it to the fullest! We want to guide, inspire, and empower older adults to live healthy, full lives, no matter what age or stage they're at.
Articles include tips, advice, and professional guidance on topics such as my health, my finances, my home, my travel, my relationships, healthy recipes and more!
We are thrilled to be launching this exciting new venture in October of this year! Stay tuned for more info coming soon and be sure to keep an eye out for my life magazine around our city. 
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We Want To Hear From You
If you have questions or concerns, we are here for you to chat, to listen, and to ensure you feel cared for and heard. We want to hear from you and are always open to feedback and how we can continue to improve.
Yours sincerely,
Dan Levitt, MSc., CHE
Executive Director
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