October 23, 2020
COVID-19 Update
Now to December 7th
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We can't change restrictions, but we can certainly help make this Christmas a little extra special this year. Help us give all 262 residents at Tabor Village their own personalized stocking this year.

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Dear Families and Friends of Tabor Village:

Cases and Outbreaks Rising Across the Province
We know it's been a rough year, but we are so very grateful for your continued patience and understanding even amidst all the challenges that this year has brought. If you've been keeping up with the news, you are well aware that outbreaks and cases are rising across the province and we are officially in the second wave. We are planning for the worst, but praying for the best!

Please join us in praying for the best over the coming weeks and months. There is still a pandemic and challenges we will continue to face, but we are choosing to hold on to hope and believe, and pray for, the best. Together, with prayer and one another, we will get through this. Thank you for holding on through all of the many ups and downs.

We Want To Hear From You!
We anticipate some changes to visitation to be announced by Public Health based on feedback from the Office of Seniors Advocate. We are not sure what those changes will be, but as mentioned above, we will prepare for the worst, but pray for the best.

That said, if you have any input and suggestions on how to enhance the quality of life for older adults living at Tabor Village and/or for yourselves as family members, please reach out and let us know!

We are always open to suggestions and ideas and your thoughts are always welcome here!

Let's Chat!
I realize this has been a difficult year for so many and I would love the opportunity to chat with each one of you to check in and hear how you are doing and holding up through all of this. I would also appreciate learning from you on how we can improve at Tabor Village.

With this in mind, I will be reaching out via phone call to every family over the course of the next few months and very much look forward to speaking with you all soon.
Have you rolled your #SleeveUp to #FightFlu?
The goal is simple: 100% of Tabor Village vaccinated.

We are well underway with flu vaccines and are looking forward to seeing that 100% compliance rate Village wide. We have the supply to ensure every staff member and resident gets vaccinated and it is imperative that we all do our part in protecting the residents and ourselves.

As staff, we have seen firsthand the detrimental effect the flu can have in our residences on the older adults we care for. You are well aware of the substantial risk that Tabor Village carries if the flu were to make its way into our homes. Add this risk to the pandemic we continue to fight against and the risk of infection is greater and more intense than ever before.

The flu vaccine being provided for residents in BC Long-Term care homes is called Fluzone. It is an extra boost of immunization that is deemed more effective than the regular Influenza vaccination. Older persons as a population are more vulnerable to respiratory viruses such as Influenza. This vaccination is our best way to prevent contracting Influenza.

Mask up. Lather up. Roll that sleeve up and fight flu.

It is the goal of Tabor Village Leadership and the COVID-19 Outbreak Management Committee that we have a record number of vaccinated staff this year, as well as visitors, with a goal of 100% compliance. We trust you will assist in making this a success.
COVID-19 Information Website
Have questions? Is there a protocol that is unclear? Remember something important from one of our previous emails, but can't quite find it?

Visit our website for all the COVID-19 news and updates. We post all our communications, surveys, and policies there so there is always a go-to spot for you to find what you're looking for.
We Want To Hear From You
If you have questions or concerns, we are here for you to chat, to listen, and to ensure you feel cared for and heard. We want to hear from you and are always open to feedback and how we can continue to improve.
Yours sincerely,
Dan Levitt, MSc., CHE
Executive Director
604-859-8715 x 102
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