December 10, 2020
COVID-19 Update
Dear Family and Friends of Tabor Home:

Hanukkah: A Light of Hope
At a time of year when there is more darkness than daylight, we yearn for sunshine to fill our days and brightness to bring us hope. 

Over the next eight nights, people in Abbotsford and around the world, will light the candles of the menora, one by one, as a reminder that light always triumphs over darkness. Together virtually, people will pray, sing, and share stories of hope as they commemorate the miracle at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights is an opportunity to reflect on life’s blessings and honour the resilience of all people in the face of immense adversity. It is also a time to recognize the challenges we are experiencing in many aspects of daily life and the impact of the pandemic on all of us. We look ahead to brighter days in the weeks and months ahead when life will begin to return to the new normal.

During the week of Hanukkah, we will light each candle for the strength that we need. Remembering those we have lost and those who are isolated, lonely and need our help. To find peace in our hearts. That the light will always shine through our hopes and tears.

We continue to dedicate ourselves to supporting the significant contributions that health care workers are making at Tabor Village, recommitting ourselves every day to provide 'Care from the Heart". Together, we continue to strengthen our community where we celebrate the lives of older persons with compassion and respect.
Tabor Home Outbreak Update
Our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones during this season. Our hearts are breaking alongside all of these grieving families. When residents move into a Tabor Village residence, they become like family. To lose one family member is heartbreaking, but to lose over twenty is a devastating tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with our entire Tabor family during this time.

  • Total cases since the outbreak: 92
  • Recovered: 66
  • Active cases: 1
  • Total COVID-related deaths: 25
  • Total cases since the outbreak: 59
  • Recovered and/or returned to work: 46
  • Active cases: 13

COVID-19 Testing
We completed another day of swab testing for all staff and all residents. Please continue praying for all test results to be negative. We want 100% negative test results and we are choosing to have faith and believe that will happen this week. Please pray.

"Yes, we have lost many residents, but we can also be so grateful for the residents that have recovered! To recover at over 70+...truly amazing. I know all our residents, the ones who passed and the ones who recovered. I know them personally, even before COVID, everything about their medical condition and diet... There are some residents I never thought would pass - healthy. And some with underlying comorbidities that passed and then there are those who conquered COVID irrespective.
There's a common denominator, the residents who recovered were still eating, taking their nutrition supplements. The resident's who passed away lost all appetite and had significant weight loss...there's a role for meal replacements - to provide adequate kcal, protein, healthy fats as soon as a resident is positive. I am attending a meeting with other LTC dietitians who are noticing the same thing, so we are looking at providing adequate nutrition even if a resident can only consume 25% intakes each meal. 
I have so many ideas and it's exciting! We can make a breakthrough here... adequate nutrition is crucial so far in preventing deaths [and] increasing recovery in residents with COVID. The picture is so clear...Nutrition is huge! I love our residents - I love Tabor. I have a passion to help our residents and they have been family to me. I want to increase the recovery as much as I can. Nutrition is key... WE WILL RISE from this." 
-Rika Mansingh, Tabor Village Registered Dietitian

"I'm so sorry for what Tabor Home is going through. What a challenging season. Know that I'm praying for you all and thinking of you. Hang in there!"
-From a former Tabor Village employee

"I'm overjoyed when reading your email today that we only have 1 active case, every meal I included Tabor Home to get healed and free from the virus of covid and for God to continue to protect the elderly especially our residents and all the workers who never get tired of coming to work to continue taking care of the residents despite the situation. Even me personally I'm praying that God will protect me so that I continually come to work and give care to the residents and go back home with my family without any trace of that virus... I would like to say Thank You, seeing you in the morning and checking the situation has a very big impact after working at night...Thank you! And God Protect us All!"
-A grateful Tabor Village employee
Mental Health & Support Services
BC Bereavement Helpline

Abbotsford Hospice Society - Grief Counselling
  • Extending support to all families and staff at Tabor Village that may need bereavement support presently and in the future due to the traumatic events, exhaustion, and grief that families and staff are living through daily.
  • Grief support services are free to any persons needing support with anticipatory grief or the loss of a loved one.
  • Email the Program Manager for confidential intake sessions and support
  • Email:
  • Website:

Peace Portal Counselling
  • Registered clinical counsellors, registered social workers, a psychologist, and an associate for counselling services available
  • Phone: 604-542-2501
  • Website:

Moving Family Forward Services
  • Non-profit organization providing free services, available in multiple languages
  • Phone: 778-321-3054
  • Website:

United Way of The Lower Mainland
See link below for their e-postcard.
COVID-19 Information Website
Visit our website for all the COVID-19 news and updates. We post all our communications, surveys, and policies there so there is always a go-to spot for you to find what you're looking for.
Yours sincerely,
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Executive Director
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