Dear Parent,

As you know, each school district is currently working on re-opening plans for September 2020.

We are working with each district to establish how the school's plans effect Just Kids. This may mean offering such things as extended care hours or offering two day care options. As each district confirms their final plan, Just Kids will be updating our enrollment offerings. Unfortunately this means these changes may not be made until the beginning of August. Look on our website for these enrollment options and pricing. If you have any questions in the meantime, about details or what plans may look like, please do not hesitate to email us at We are happy to share with you what we do know.  

If you have already registered, this means we will be reaching out to you to adjust your enrollment based upon your child's schedule and your adjusted needs. We know you may not know your child's actual schedule until later in August, when placements are announced by each district. 

If you have not registered, we suggest that you do so based upon what you think your needs may be. When you register, you will see our usual options. Choose the one that most fits what you think you need. As stated in previous emails, our enrollment may be limited due to health and safety constraints we have to comply with (that differ from the Department of Education guidelines). We will be filling spots on a first come first serve basis.  

Please know that we do not know what September will look like for your child and family. What we do know is that Just Kids is committed to offering your child a safe and healthy environment to thrive in! We look forward to seeing you all again in September.

Lorin Powell, MA
Just Kids- Director
Archway Programs
212 Jackson Rd. Atco, NJ 08004
Office: 856.768-8190 ext. 509