Dear Parent,

Just Kids and Archway Programs is keeping updated on the actions being put in place by the local school districts and state agencies that impact all of us.
We are communicating with district administrators to ensure accurate information regarding any actions that may be taken to close schools for a period of time.

Two things we know at this point:
  • If a school is closed for any number of days, Just Kids will not be operating on those days.
  • If a school is closed for an extended period of time, Just Kids will credit tuition for care, for specific days. How and when these credits will be given will be determined once details regarding a closing is finalized.

Just Kids and Archway Programs will continue to communicate with you as new information and/ or decisions are made by individual districts.

Please again, take basic precautions, including not sending your child or a sick adult into the program.

Thank you,

Lorin Powell, MA
Just Kids Director
856-768-8190 X509