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March 11, 2020

Note: although we include case counts to help provide situational awareness to our readers, the numbers are constantly changing. Please refer to the WHO or the public health agencies of affected countries for the latest information.

EPI UPDATES The WHO’s most recent situation report, dated March 10th, reports that a total of 113,702 confirmed cases and 4,012 deaths have been reported globally across 109 countries/territories/areas. The report also includes a breakdown of travel restrictions imposed by Member States contrary to their IHR obligations. At today’s daily briefing, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced the determination that COVID-19 can now be characterized as a pandemic disease. He also emphasized that never before has the world witnessed a pandemic infectious disease that can be contained by prompt and effective public health action. 

The Chinese National Health Commission reported 24 new cases and 22 new deaths bringing the total to 80,778 confirmed cases and 3,158 deaths. China has also reportedly offered medical aid and assistance to Italy in the form of respirators, PPE, and healthcare providers. Republic of Korea Centers for Disease Control reported a total of 7,755 confirmed cases, an increase of 242 cases, primarily occurring in Daego and Gyeong-buk province. To date Republic of Korea has run over 196,000 tests for COVID-19. 

There have been substantial increases in several European countries suggesting the further expansion of the pandemic on the continent. Italy has reported a total of 10,590 confirmed cases and 827 deaths, an sharp increase in deaths reported in the past 24 hours. There continues to be nationwide quarantines with citizens instructed to remain at home and movement restricted with few exceptions for work and emergency situations. Spain reported 2,128 cases an increase of greater than 850 cases in the past 24 hours. Spain is now experiencing the second largest outbreak in Europe second to Italy. Denmark has confirmed 442 cases, an increase of over 400 cases since Monday Mar. 9.  Norway reported 570 cases an increase of approximately 390 cases since Monday Mar. 9. France and Germany continue to have increased numbers of cases with France reporting 1,784 confirmed cases and 33 deaths, and Germany reporting 1,567 confirmed cases and 3 deaths. 

Per Iran’s Health Ministry , a total of 9,000 cases and 354 deaths have been reported nationally. The case count increased by 1,000 over the last 24 hours. Iran ranks third in global cases, behind only China and Italy. 

Several countries have reported first cases of COVID-19 including the Democratic Republic of Congo , Honduras , Jamaica , and Turkey . The case in DRC was confirmed in Kinshasa in an individual with travel history to France. Both of the newly confirmed cases in Honduras have a travel history to an area with confirmed cases with one patient arriving from Spain and the other from Switzerland. In Jamaica the confirmed case had recently traveled to the United Kingdom. The case in Turkey was a contact of a confirmed case in an unspecified country in Europe. 

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS Ministers from India are heavily restricting travel beginning Friday all incoming travelers from China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, France, Spain, Germany will be quarantined for at least 14 days upon arrival. India is designating all international incoming travelers through selected entry points. All non-diplomatic visas will be suspended until mid-April. 

UK HEALTH MINISTER TESTS POSITIVE Reports surfaced this morning that the Health Minister for the United Kingdom had tested positive for COVID-10. Nadine Dorries is currently self-isolating, but there were reports that she’d had contact with other government officials while symptomatic.  

UNITED STATES The CDC reports a total of 938 COVID-19 cases and 29 deaths nationally across 39 states. Yesterday, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency as confirmed cases in that state rose to 92. California’s Department of Public Health is reporting 157 cases (including 24 repatriated individuals) and 2 deaths. The Washington State Department of Health reports 267 cases and 24 deaths. New York state is reporting 173 cases, 36 of which have been reported in New York City. 

The Washington Post reported on the impact that telework policies are having on the local economy of one of America’s largest technology hubs. One state senator was quoted as saying “People are heeding public health warnings and that’s good, but we’re going to pay a huge price economically for this outbreak, … We’re going to have some real work to do to rebuild.”

Reuters is reporting that the White House directed the Department of Health and Human Services to “treat top-level coronavirus meetings as classified”. The move, which had the effect of excluding HHS officials who lacked a security clearance from certain planning meetings and conference calls, was apparently ordered by the National Security Council. HHS reportedly held meetings in secure conference rooms called “SCIFs”. 

CDC Director Robert Redfield testified today to Congress that CDC has developed two serologic assays that, when deployed, will be able to more accurately determine the extent of SARS-COV-2 transmission within populations. China and Singapore have developed similar tests and are preparing to conduct studies.