Dear Employees,
Due to the fluid and continuously changing nature of the response to COVID-19, the past few weeks have been challenging for everyone, especially for you, our employees. You have done an incredible job providing the best service possible to our residents and guests, while also adjusting to a changing work environment and using alternative methods to conduct business. We greatly appreciate your dedication to our organization and community.
We have already implemented a number of protective measures to reduce the spread of germs and risk to our employees, including:
  • requiring employees to self-quarantine (immediately sent home or not allowed to return to work) for 14 days with pay if they fall into certain risk categories, as determined by the CDC.
  • provided added protection in the workplace by giving employees exhibiting any suspected symptoms, as determined by their supervisor, two days with pay to seek medical attention;
  • closed or greatly reduced public access to many customer service areas, such as the walk-in lobby for Utilities Customer Service, and handling business online or by phone;
  • strongly encouraged online permitting;
  • limited face-to-face meetings with the public and increased use of teleconferencing;
  • postponed large meetings and training sessions;
  • instituted a visitor screening process for some areas with heavy customer traffic, and developed alternatives to direct contact with any customer who may have been in a possible risk category;
  • added hand sanitizers, dispensaries and educational signage to County facilities;
  • enhanced cleaning and sanitizing efforts in County facilities;
  • suspended all County sponsored travel; and
  • created an employee resource and information COVID-19 OrangeNet page.
While we focus on the well-being of everyone, please know the health and wellness of our employees is a top priority. Our residents and businesses rely on Orange County to provide services. As a result, where possible, employees who can work from home as determined by their manager, will deliver services remotely beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 . This telecommuting option will reduce the number of employees in the office or work areas, yet enable us to continue to provide services to our residents.
We believe changes in County services are measured steps that will help prevent the spread of this virus in our community. Department directors have reviewed their operations and determined how to utilize alternative methods to facilitate social distancing. We understand striking a balance is crucial throughout this process, and many critical County functions will continue at their normal work locations. Every department and function is unique, and changes to operations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis within departments.
Your department’s leadership team will work with you and assess your ability to work from home to ensure business continues as seamlessly as possible. Onsite staff schedules will be staggered whenever possible.
Additionally, residents have been directed to request and utilize County services online and/or by phone. As we identify more services that can be provided online or via phone, we will evaluate closing additional customer contact areas to the public.
Again, thank you so much for all you do for Orange County Government and for your commitment to public service. Visit for the latest Orange County Government updates.
Jerry L. Demings, Orange County Mayor signature