AGC members,

AGC of Minnesota received communication from the MN Department of Labor and Industry regarding Executive Order 20-99 announced last night (Nov. 18). In addition to a four-week “pause” on some businesses such as gyms and restaurant dining outlined in the executive order, there are additional updates for industries that remain open, such as construction, in an attempt to quell the rate of the COVID-19 spread. The latest order is effective at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, November 20th and runs through Friday, December 18th. 
AGC of MN reviewed the updates to the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan requirements/guidance for the Construction sector. They reflect the requirements under the most recent Executive Order, as well as preceding Executive Orders 20-74 and 20-81 issued this summer. Pages one and two contain new language that applies to most sectors and does not appear to dramatically alter construction operations or job sites from current guidelines. The remainder of the document (pages 3-18) mirrors the exact Requirements Guidance issued earlier.
For the next four weeks, the construction sector will operate under the following provisions:
  • Meetings and training sessions shall be held virtually whenever possible.
  • In-person meetings and training sessions shall be limited to workers only, shall involve as few workers as possible, and shall not to exceed ten workers at one time.
  • Workers who can work from home must do so.
  • Sectors commonly available to workers may be paused or limited during the four-week time period, such as restaurants.
  • To the extent activities are not paused by EO 20-99, the provisions in the “Preparedness Plan Requirements Guidelines – Construction”, continue to be applicable to those activities, unless revised by the above provisions, and the construction sector must continue to comply with them.
All employers should actively message to their workforce the importance to not venturing out unless necessary. Avoid gatherings of any sort. Ensure physical distancing is practiced. Face-coverings are worn whenever out in public.
Congruent with the Governor’s announcement, Minnesota’s healthcare infrastructure is in a “Code Red” status. ICU capacity is becoming scarce, healthcare facilities are experiencing a significant reduction in the availability of healthcare workers, and first-responders are experiencing reductions in available personnel. Our success in recovering from these circumstances is dependent on the vigilance of everyone.
If you have specific questions, please reach out to the following resources:

  • MN OSHA Enforcement at 651.284.5050
  • MN Workplace Safety Consultation at 651.284.5060

Your Trusted Resource,

AGC of Minnesota