March 20, 2020
Dear HBA Members and Friends,

Governor Abbott recognizes construction is a core economic driver, BUT
Builders MUST to adhere to social distancing protocols:
No more than 10 people at a site with 6 feet in between
Clear the site for inspections to limit exposure risks

City and County Updates
Hopefully you received our email updates on Monday and Tuesday. We are in the process of posting all of this information online and will provide that link when available.

Austin & Travis Counties
Construction sites may remain open, but only with a 10-person limit in a single space, and sites must be cleared prior to and during inspections.  Austin DSD Website Travis County Website

The office is closed but staff are available via email or phone. Inspections will continue as scheduled and the inspector has the discretion to ask that sites be cleared prior to inspections.  Website

Inspections will continue despite the City offices being closed, but no one may be present on site during inspections.  Website

Round Rock
After 3/19/20, meetings will be held over the phone or via Skype. For application submittals, a drop off box will be placed outside the Mc Connico Building. Inspections will continue as scheduled, but all communication with inspectors must be via phone or email.  Website

Williamson County
Offices are closed to the public, but business will still be conducted online or via telephone. For questions or any other business, including to request road repairs and maintenance, please email or call 512-943-3330.  Website


FREE Webinar for HBA Members
"What You Need to Know to Help Protect Your Business During Turbulent Times"
On March 25, Noon-1:00 pm, The Fowler Law Firm will discuss topics such as employer/employee rights, sick leave, insurance coverage, and termination of contracts. You will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation. HBA Members Register FREE Here

TAB’S Resource Page
TAB has set up a one-stop resource center of helpful information, website links, videos, PDFs and other resources on the coronavirus.  Click Here

Other Important Information

Beware of SPAM Emails
  • Scammers are using phishing emails to profit from the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Do not open emails from unknown email addresses. You can inspect a link by hovering your mouse button over the URL to see where it leads
  • Do not click on any suspicious attachments
  • Beware of online requests for personal information like your social security number
  • Check the email address or link. 
  • Watch for spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • Avoid emails that insist you act now

Take NAHB's Coronavirus Impact Survey
To help us most effectively advocate for the housing industry during this challenging time, NAHB needs to know how COVID-19 is impacting YOU. Please take the brief (and confidential) survey
Red Cross: Blood, Money & Supplies Needed
The HBA has partnered with The American Red Cross to generate support for the important work they provide day-to-day, as well as in times of crisis. At this time they have launched an urgent public plea to help offset expenses for lifesaving Biomedical Services and life-changing Disaster Cycle Services. Donate Here

Local Hospitals Need Supplies
Builders are in a unique position to potentially have extra supplies such as masks and booties gloves, etc., please consider donating to your local hospital to help your neighbors. Contact your local hospital for details.
Together we are stronger… this too shall pass!
Stay positive and healthy!