April 2021
COVID-19 Vaccination Data Plugged into Explore+
Authorized users of Explore+ can now view COVD-19 vaccination data in the patient's community health record. Vaccination data from NYSIIS (New York State Immunization Information System) is visible in the patient record under the "Immunizations" category. Read more...
Spotlight Video Features Finger Lakes Community Health
"The single biggest impact that having access to patient records through the Rochester RHIO is being able to treat our patients timely due to the information that we get from outside sources such as the labs, such as radiology or a specialty visit."

Dr. Jose Canario, Chief Medical Officer, Finger Lakes Community Health
New Community Health Measure Provides Powerful Tool to Support Healthy Weight in Children

A new public health tool is tracking childhood obesity trends, helping identify communities across the Finger Lakes Region that are struggling with the issue. Data may be used to guide public investment that supports kids and their families with healthy weight initiatives.

The Community Health Indicators, a public health tool developed by Common Ground Health, Rochester RHIO, and the University of Rochester's Center for Community Health & Prevention and Clinical & Translational Science Institute, provides childhood obesity trend data for 13 counties. Learn more...
RHIO Searches for New Chief Executive Officer

Rochester RHIO is conducting a national search for a Chief Executive Officer. CEO and President Jill Eisenstein recently announced her retirement for August.

Read the CEO Job Description. Know someone who may be interested? Resumes can be sent to heidi.farrington@grrhio.org.
ICYMI: Monroe County Medical Society Information Blocking Webinar for Providers

Did you miss the March18th webinar on Information Blocking for Providers given by Chief Counsel Amy S. Warner and Chief Engagement Officer Denise DiNoto? We've received several inquiries. You can download the PowerPoint presentation with all the slides from the event at https://providerportal.grrhio.org/. Click "PowerPoint: Information Blocking (For Providers)"
Medical Director's Corner: Just so YOU Know

In my role as a physician, I have been asked a myriad of questions from patients, friends and others about the COVID-19 vaccine. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions that I have received over the past several weeks.

1. If you get the vaccine in Florida, can you get the second shot in Monroe County? Answer: No, you must go back to the same location for the second shot.
2. Is the second shot the same as the first one? If so, why is it that people only seem to have a reaction to the second shot? Answer: Some people have reactions to one or both shots....

Read more from Dr. Kothari's Medical Director's Corner.
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