COVID-19 Vaccination Program Overview 
CPESN® Participating Pharmacies and Local Network Leaders:

CPESN USA has contracted with the CDC to be a Nationwide Network Administrator of the
COVID-19 Vaccine Program
Your clinically integrated network will focus on being one of the many pathways for vaccine allocation while simultaneously seeking reimbursement for vaccine administration with plans not currently paying for this service, regardless of your vaccine allocation pathway
CPESN Posture
CPESN USA has joined the CDC's COVID-19 Vaccine Initiative as a Federal Pharmacy Partner (Network Administrator) based on strong feedback from many participating pharmacies and network luminaries asking us to create a CPESN-directed pathway for COVID-19 allocation. This is a path for you to receive COVID-19 vaccines if you sign up with CPESN USA being the Network Administrator.

You will have a few options from which to choose. CPESN USA believes unequivocally that optimal pathway for your pharmacy may be very specific to your circumstances and your geography. CPESN USA encourages you to choose the pathway that best fits your needs. CPESN USA does not believe vaccine allocation and procurement should be competitive.
A Little Background...
As you are probably aware, the COVID-19 vaccination rollout will be unlike any other. Aspects that make this different than any other time:

  • The US Government has already purchased the vaccines pre-production and there is no "buy-sell" functions or financing going on. 
  • McKesson is the sole-source contractor for physical distribution of the vaccines.
  • The federally-controlled vaccine allocation will occur in phases. As of today, it is looking like most community pharmacies will be in Phase 2-3 (earliest is February 2021) for the rollout. Phase 1 pharmacies involvement is likely before the end of the year (those servicing Long Term Care facilities).
 Pathways to Getting CV-19 Vaccines
CPESN USA is one of a few Network Administrators to choose from. We believe the state jurisdictions (i.e., State Departments of Health) as partners and Network Administrators that have been considered to date are all good, viable and reliable organizers. CPESN USA is committed to being both a "back stop" option for pharmacies who do not feel comfortable about their access to their state program or the planned vaccine allocation process, or who do not feel comfortable or have access to any other Network Administrator. We also believe CPESN USA will be a reliable and, perhaps optimal selection for many. 
You will not be able to receive vaccines from both options simultaneously for a given pharmacy location; however, you can consider to sign up for both! The webinar later today (November 4, 2020) will explain more details on this.

When the requested COVID-19 vaccines (the demand) is greater than the available supply, the CDC will make allocations to the states and the Federal Pharmacy Partners (e.g., CPESN USA). In a word, this means "rationing" the available supply. Once the CDC makes those allocations, it is up to each of those entities [states, other Federal Pharmacy Partners (e.g., CPESN USA)] to determine which participants/pharmacies receive the supply. CPESN USA is strongly committed to an open and transparent model of allocation (rationing) that will be determined through the committee work of the CPESN Board.

Contracting for Vaccine Services
(Administration Fees) 
While Medicare and uninsured rates for vaccine administration fees have already been published, here.That is not the case for Medicaid FFS, Medicaid MCO, commercial, ERISA self-funded and other plans/captives and purchaser programs. Those contractual relationships will need to be built from scratch in many instances prior to when vaccine administration begins.
While CPESN USA believes the procurement of COVID-19 vaccinations should be non-competitive and CPESN USA is agnostic to who participating pharmacies choose for distribution and allocation, CPESN USA believes very strongly that contracting for services should remain between the providers (the pharmacies) and the plans or purchasers of healthcare services. Pharmacies should have the privilege of contracting directly as an individual pharmacy with a Plan or through a self-governed provider entity like a Clinically Integrated Network. CPESN USA will work with each participating pharmacy and your local CPESN Networks to seek out contracting opportunities with all non-Medicare FFS payers between now and when vaccine supplies arrive at your doorstep. 
Next Steps
Upon the CDC’s official announcement of Network Administrators, CPESN USA will distribute information on how to sign up with CPESN USA as your COVID-19 Vaccine Network Administrator.

We understand that this is a lot of information to consider and more to come.  To that end, please join us for an informational webinar later today:
COVID-19 Vaccination Program Overview Webinar
Wednesday, November 4, 2020
2 p.m. EST

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We will be offering a series of Office Hours (Q&A) Webinars to help answer your questions
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If you are unable to join us during the webinar, the recording will be made available and sent to the registrants of the webinar (so register).

Exciting times lay ahead!

Cody Clifton, PharmD
Director of Practice Transformation and Clinical Programs, CPESN USA
CDC COVID-19 Vaccination, Project Lead