From the Office of the General Assembly 


June 26 - July 2, 2021

Now extended through 
May 31

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As of this week, some of our Cumberland Presbyterian churches have re-opened for in person worship.  Some are planning to open on Pentecost Sunday while others are still undecided.  Keeping up with the COVID-19 task force and CDC guidelines can be exhausting and lead to a grinding down of one's patience.  It is as though our lives are bombarded from all sides with not only an overflow of information, but the challenge of pivoting to new realities of things we have never faced before, missing out on important life events, etc.  One of our own, Rachel Starks, a Young Adult Ministry Council member from West TN Presbytery, wrote a spring blog entitled "Bombarded by Life...and that's Okay," that beautifully captures what so many of us are feeling and thinking these days.  

Recently the CDC posted "Funeral Guidance for Individuals and Families".  
Your denominational staff continues to provide resources for pastors, sessions, and churches.  
* Rev. T.J. Malinoski wrote an article "Help! We Need to Have a Session Meeting".
* Rev. Dr. Pam Phillips-Burk and the Pastoral Development Ministry Team (PDMT) are working on a Pentecost Reading video involving different people reading Acts 2:1-21 in several languages.  The video will be posted on the PDMT Facebook page soon.  
* Speaking of Pentecost Sunday, the Missions Ministry Team has posted video resources that can be found:
Finally, here are a couple more resources related to ministry during these pandemic days.
* On May 15, Thom Rainer ( hosted a webinar "Pastoral Care in a New and Unpredictable World" and provided a good resource tool:  "COVID19 Pastoral Care Assessment".
* Sixty Second Preacher provided an article/message for session clerks and elders "Top Ten Reasons Why Your Pastor Needs a Break."  
May you continue to experience Eastertide blessings,     
Shelia O'Mara
Mike Sharpe
Stated Clerk