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COVID-19 What To Do For Your Kids
March 202 0

Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC
COVID-19 What To Do For Your Kids

Although the Covid-19 virus appears to have little effect on the young, except for cold and flu like symptoms, it is still important to maintain their immune systems at the highest level possible for any virus or bacteria. 
Most patients do not have a regular immunity enhancing program for their children and then start one upon their child getting the sniffles or fever.  Becoming more aware of viruses leads us to  prevention rather than just a catch up treatment.

I have searched all the available products and have come up with a program that I feel confident will be the most complete possible. 
This program consists of the following:
  • Wellness Children's Immune Chewable
  • Juice Plus - Fruit Blend and Vegetable Blend
  • Old Indian Syrup for Kids
  • Bio D Mulsion
  • KidzProbio
  • Sea Minerals with Silver
If your child starts to get sick, be ready by having on hand Immu-max and Natranix, both great tasting syrups for respiratory symptoms. 

I have also seen and heard kids staying in their rooms scared to death to go out even to help buy groceries. The fear has consumed them and has changed the way they see themselves in the future.  Many will have an imprint that could last years, decades or even for the rest of their lives.

There are 4 things to do about this: 
First and foremost is giving the supplements that will help defend against illness.  In this way they are being trained to believe they have some control over their health and by following a program they will feel safer.  In other words, learning to manage ones health at an early age rather than developing a disorder in later life, then rushing to find help

Second, nothing is as impactful to the nervous system and immune system as a chiropractic adjustment.  Not only does it help alignment, but it removes the traumas that come with playing and sports.  It also helps clear emotional stresses that build up over time. 

Third, flower remedies help clear maladaptation syndromes to stress before they take hold which create anxiety disorders, depression, and OCD.  Just a few sprays in the mouth one time a day can preserve the true self. 

Fourth, there are specific essential oils for kids which have proven to have a magical effect on kids.  Nearly every condition, whether physical or emotional, can be helped with essential oils.  Just a minute or two each evening can soothe away the effects of stress and demands of high achievement expectations upon them.  It allows further opportunity for bonding between parent and child as well as a feeling of healing from the parent's touch.

I want to impart my 50 years of experience of helping families be healthier physically and emotionally to your kids and family.  Now is the right time because the fear will prevent them from saying "no".  Bring your kids in and tell your friends who have kids that there are powerful alternative health programs available.
No one does it better than Wagner Holistic Center. 


Always look for the natural cure.  Spread the word and 
tell your friends who may be suffering.
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