Dear AFOS Membership,

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we know that this is an extremely difficult time for many professionally; financially, and personally.  We have worked hard with the AOA to find ways to help our members.  In light of this, AOA has agreed to a more than $5.5 million relief package to help optometrists!!

Contained within this relief package, we have secured a 2 months AOA dues credit for all AFOS/AOA members!  Additionally, the AOA has agreed to not increase dues or propose an assessment for the 2021 year. The two-months of AOA dues credit will be applied based upon your current payment arrangement.

AFOS/AOA members that pay their dues annually (and have already paid their 2020 dues) will have a 2 month AOA dues credit applied to their 2021 dues. As an option, members may elect to forego this credit and donate it to the Armed Forces Optometric Foundation, the charitable arm of AFOS. This donation would qualify as a charitable deduction. However, you may request a refund of two-months AOA dues. If you would like to donate your dues credit or if you would like to seek a refund, please contact Dr. Wright .

Monthly and quarterly dues paying members will see this 2-month AOA dues credit reflected on an upcoming dues statement.  Additionally, if you would like to forego this credit, and make a charitable donation to the AFOS Foundation, please contact Dr. Wright .

Please note, the credit discussed above is for your AOA dues only. However, if you need further financial assistance, please contact Dr. Wright regarding an AFOS dues waiver.

AFOS is continuing to monitor the developments of the pandemic and AFOS remains committed to helping our members with resources and news to weather this situation. You can find updates and resources on our website by clicking on the link at the bottom.

In addition, we do have a "Member's Forum" on our website, that can be accessed by logging into our website and clicking on "Member Forum" in the top left corner. Questions can be posted and responses viewed by all members. We had been asked to provide this space for interaction and discussion and hope you can utilized end enjoy it.

As always, please feel to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you for helping to be on the frontline to fight this pandemic.

In Health and Wellbeing, 

Chris Cordes (AFOS President)
Emily Sprague (AFOS President-elect)         
Greg Smith (AFOS Vice President)           
Justin Sandholm (AFOS Secretary-Treasurer)                       
Jason Hales (AFOS Immediate Past President)
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