Dear Cabana Club South Member,

If you are one of the many members who filled out our survey - THANK YOU. The response rate was incredible and very helpful to the board. Over 70% of respondents said that they would still like the pool to open, even with the restrictions that we listed (see below for those restrictions).

Unfortunately, we will not be able to open this Friday as California is still under a stay-in-place order through May 22nd. We are eagerly awaiting guidance from the CDC, state, and local authorities as to when and how we can reopen. As we receive further guidance we will absolutely keep you posted. Please rest assured that we are working hard on a plan to reopen!!
When we do reopen, you should expect the following restrictions to be in place:
  • No club-provided tables, picnic tables, or chairs (but you can bring your own)
  • No club-provided games or BBQs (you can bring your own)
  • No use of the vending machine or kitchen - the entire clubhouse will be closed to members
  • Capacity will be reduced – a reservation system will be implemented to ensure this. As of yet, the maximum number has yet to be determined.
  • Physical distancing both in and out of the pool will be required. If there is a line to enter the pool facility, please wait 6 feet apart from other groups outside until called in by a greeter so as to avoid groups gathering in the narrow entryway. Please be mindful of others upon exiting as well.
  • Swim lessons (if offered) will be before the pool opens, probably 11:00am – 1:00pm only, to reduce capacity during the afternoon hours. Start date of lessons is still TBA.
  • No social events (pizza night, game night, s’more’s night, etc.).
  • No parties for now.
Again, if the season is substantially shortened or cancelled we will issue membership refunds on either a pro-rated or full basis, respectively, upon request. We will still need to pay our year-round expenses (property taxes, liability insurance, alarm, basic pool maintenance, etc). We commit to issuing refunds, but we would ask members to consider leaving a small portion of their membership dues to help defray those costs.    All party reservations affected by a closure will be issued complete refunds, and no further parties will be booked until we know more. Thank you for your understanding and support - the feedback we received was truly heartening! 
Please stay tuned for further information as we receive it,
Your Cabana Club South Board of Directors