You’ve probably seen information about RightNow Media on our website, in a newsletter, or even on the back of your minister card. RightNow Media is like a Netflix of Bible Studies. They have just released  4 new channels  specifically geared toward the current struggles we face as a Church, Nation and community, as well as personal and family devotions to do at home.  As a pastor, leader or credential holder with us, you receive FREE personal access to this resource!  You can get access to this amazing resource IMMEDIATELY, just  click here .
Now, your user account  cannot  be shared or given away to your church.  It is a gift from us to you and your family.  However, because you are a part of our network, your church  qualifies for a significant discount  for FULL access to RightNow Media. This would enable you to give access to your entire church community and continue to equip your families, resource your groups and develop your leaders using RightNow Media’s content, or even YOUR OWN custom content.
If you have any questions about RightNow Media, about giving full access to your church or how to use RightNow Media to get your own content in the hands of your community,  click here and RightNow Media will connect with you.
Thank you for doing the hard work of the ministry. We hope and pray this resource is a blessing to you, your church community and your families.

NWMN Leadership Team