April Field Notes
As we all prepare for the planting season, COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in unexpected ways. Kendall-Grundy Farm Bureau and Illinois Farm Bureau are here during these challenging times to help provide you the information you need to know. The Illinois Farm Bureau has set up a special web page with daily updates on how COVID-19 is impacting agriculture. Please click the button below to access all the latest news and information regarding COVID-19 and your farm.
Illinois Farm Bureau invites you to take a few moments to complete the survey below and let them know what they can do to assist your situation. Please  click  on the button below to provide your input on what problems you foresee, what programs would be helpful to you, how should USDA allocate the money provided in the CARES act and what should be IFB's focus in the next COVID-19 stimulus bill?
As always, it is critical to practice biosecurity for the safety of animals and the public. It is now critical to also consider ways to limit person-to-person contact and maintain social distance of six feet. What does that look like on your farm? 
  • Take steps now to develop a farm plan for this virus, and to communicate that plan on a regular basis with all who live and work on their farm. This situation is changing daily, so we also encourage repeated conversations over the coming weeks. Penn State Extension has created a document to help farms develop plans. This resource can be found here
  • The CDC has developed excellent materials, including posters that you can display on site to help everyone understand the best ways to protect themselves from the virus. These can be found here
  • Consider who is coming to your farm – employees and visitors. Consider logging or tracking that information which could help in the event of a positive case in your area. Screen and distance arriving workers to ensure health and safety.
  • Limit person-to-person interactions and create more distance between workers out in the field.
  • Set up handwashing and sanitation stations in accessible places. If you share equipment, do you have a plan to sanitize frequently touched surfaces?
  • And, heaven forbid you experience a positive virus case in your family or your workforce. What is your plan to help support those who fall sick, including quarantine and health care measures, while still moving forward with the work that has to be done this season? Cornell University has created checklists to help mitigate risk and document any illness here.
Applicator Testing
The labels for Engenia, Xtendimax, Fexapan and Tavium all require the application to be performed by a “certified applicator”. In order to become a certified applicator, individuals must pass the general standards exam and the field crop category. Anyone applying one of the four aforementioned dicamba containing products must have completed the required annual dicamba specific training as per label requirements. Online options are now the only options available due to COVID-19 cancellations.


If applying paraquat under the new label, application must be made by a “certified applicator.” In order to become a certified applicator, individuals must pass the general standards exam and at least one applicable category exam (ie. Field Crop). In addition, anyone applying paraquat under the new label must have completed the required paraquat specific training as per label requirements. The direct link to the course is found here:    https://campus.extension.org/enrol/index.php?id=1660 , and USEPA information with an FAQ is found here:  https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-worker-safety/paraquat-dichloride-training-certified-applicators . Training must be retaken every three years.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has developed a plan for private and commercial pesticide applicator testing. After consultation with US EPA, the Department will release on-line testing.. If you are interested in more information please email Victoria: manager@kendallgrundyfb.com.
Kendall-Grundy Farm Bureau Updates
We wish you all a safe and healthy spring! If there is anyway our staff can be of assistance please reach out. While we are all working from home we are still dedicated to do all we can for our members.

Staff contacts:
Victoria- manager@kendallgrundyfb.com
Chris (for all membership related questions)- membership@kendallgrundyfb.com
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