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COVID-19 and the Listowel BIA

The health and well-being of our community remains our top priority as we navigate through the rapidly changing situation due to COVID-19. At the same time, we are very aware that during this time of uncertainty, the local economy will be weighed down. We know that the impact on small businesses and independents will be significant. You are the backbone of our community and enrich our community daily. Shopping locally during this time is more than a good idea, it is a necessity to help keep you and our community prosperous. You have had to make some unimaginable decisions over the past few days and we are thankful that as always you have put our community first. 

As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, we are closing our offices for now, postponing our Paddyfest and AGM events and determining what we will do with Win This Space 2020. Our focus over the next few weeks will be to promote our businesses, encourage everyone to shop local in a way that is safe and work to support our business community in collaboration with the Municipality of North Perth and the Chamber of Commerce.     

Here are some ways we will be encouraging our community to support local: 
  • Buy meals from local restaurants for delivery or takeout
  • Shop small business online
  • Pick up bread and baked goods from your local bakery
  • Purchase gift cards for future use – they’ll receive the revenue now while the foot traffic is down, and you’ll have something to look forward to
  • Share, tweet, post about your favourite small business
  • Purchase your personal items from local businesses instead of box stores
  • Don’t cancel appointments, reschedule if possible

As mentioned above, we are working together with the Municipality of North Perth and the North Perth Chamber of Commerce to support our businesses. Please see the message below from Mayor Todd about two initiatives that are starting this week.

While our doors are closed to visitors, we continue to work during this time to support our business community. You can reach us at 519-444-8233 or

Stay Safe!
The Listowel BIA

A message from Mayor Todd on North Perth Initiatives to Help Our Business Community
As Mayor, I want to assure you that the Municipality of North Perth is effectively responding to the challenges posed by COVID-19. We are launching specific actions to support our business community during this situation, and planning for the recovery period. We are concerned about the stresses you are facing and will face in this very atypical situation.
I want you to know that we are thinking broadly about the challenges that lie ahead for our business community. I’m a businessman too, and I am experiencing some changes even though I’m technologically well established. I find myself drawn to concerns about cash flow, contingency planning, and organizational sustainability. I believe we all need to be resilient and flexible. Please know that the Municipality of North Perth is striving to be flexible, to respond if we can to needs, and that like so many, our “traditional roles” are less important than doing what is right to help all get through this successfully. I have engaged with staff from the North Perth Chamber of Commerce and the Listowel Business Improvement Association to seek their guidance, and they have assured that their organizations are grateful and willing to be supportive in a range of ways. The changes we’ve made in municipal operations reflect advice received from the Medical Officer of Health for Perth County and the Province of Ontario. We’re looking at this COVID-19 Response period as a time that marries caution with compassion, and hope you have the commitment and flexibility to a similar posture. Our community’s greatness is our connectedness and caring.
MAYOR TODD INVITES YOU to 2 opportunities to help us keep business moving and support your circumstances.

Help us understand your needs by completing the form for North Perth businesses at:

Join my business community teleconference (with North Perth CAO Kriss Snell and Community Development Coordinator Kim Kowch) – Friday March 20 – either 8:30 am or 1:30 pm – phone 519-418-6338 OR (toll-free) 1-855-727-6338, and when asked for a meeting code, enter 4593285.
Business Status Directory at
We are planning a specific section at our website - - devoted to sharing information about business continuity in our community during our COVID-19 response period. By completing our dedicated form, we will leverage the information collected into an online business directory, and use some information for our internal monitoring of business community needs. We also believe that this is one opportunity for you to let your customers know how they can support you in these trying times – and we are likely to use this information in any discussions we have with other levels of government to support an understanding of local business needs. Please complete the form HERE.
While this is a snapshot as of the date you submit, we encourage you to resubmit the form as information changes to send us your updates.

Teleconference with the Mayor and CAO
I will be holding teleconferences for businesses in our community to discuss your needs, concerns, and best ideas. While a part of the Municipality’s staff is currently working on initiatives to contain the spread potential, it is the job of the Mayor and the CAO to also watch a further horizon – namely, recovery from this period. I want to be sure to provide you with good updates about where things sit, and start collecting information about best practices, collaboration opportunities, and ideas that will support minimizing impacts of these societal changes on business. We want you all to survive this period of great change!
Please join North Perth CAO Kriss Snell, Community Development Coordinator Kim Kowch, and myself this Friday, March 20 for up to 60 minutes, at one of the two time slots provided:
Call Option A: 8:30 am by teleconference – call 519-418-6338 OR (toll-free) 1-855-727-6338, and when asked for a meeting code, enter 4593285.
Call Option B: 1:30 pm by teleconference – call 519-418-6338 OR (toll-free) 1-855-727-6338, and when asked for a meeting code, enter 4593285.
We anticipate that some of you may appreciate ongoing teleconference support – just to talk to other business owners and professionals, and have the ear of your Municipality – so depending on response to these calls, we may set up a pattern of them for the duration of the pandemic action period.

We are here for you! These are the moments of character. I encourage kindness. Please – consider actions you might voluntarily take when witnessing hoarding behaviours, for they are quite concerning and, according to provincial officials, very unnecessary. Your availability to our community, and your grace amidst all of the stresses, will speed recovery. We will continue, collectively through our caring and thoughtful responses, to be North Perth Proud! And – in what was a succinct message I took from one wise speaker – “Wash your hands. Call your people.”

Mayor Todd Kasenberg
The Listowel BIA is doing their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As a result, our offices will be closed until further notice to the public. However, we are still working for our businesses and community and will be responding to all messages via email, the phone or social media.
We have postponed our LIVE on Location with Phil Main at Conway Furniture. Once it is safe and Conway is ready to have us visit them again, we will proceed with this event.
Just a reminder that we will advertise for you for free!    
Let us know what you are doing and we will promote your business through through the Discover Listowel Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.
The  Western Ontario Wardens Caucus has put together resources to assist you in managing your business during COVID-19. You can find them HERE .
In light of the COVID-19 restrictions, the AGM that was scheduled for April 1st at Trillium Mutual Insurance has been postponed until further notice.
You can reach Lisa Schaefer, Coordinator, by email at or by phone at 519-444-8233.
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