An Update from us on COVID-19
As many of you know, a few developments in the covid-19 response have an effect on my massage therapy practice. Here are the key components:

  • An update to the Public Health Order 20-22. This was an amendment to the original restaurant-closing order that now specifically includes “nonessential personal service" businesses, such as massage therapy. The update also extended the closure through April 30th.

  • The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies added clarification here. DORA is the licensing agent for Massage Therapists in Colorado. They addressed the difference between closing a massage therapy “business” and home visits/practices, and make a clear recommendation to pause practicing either one.

  • And of course, we now have the state-wide “stay at home” order. This is asking all of us to stay home except for critical activities through April 11th.

  • TL/DR FINAL TAKEAWAY: My massage therapy services are suspended through April 30th. I would prefer to wait until closer to that date to start rescheduling your April appointments. I would like to have a firm idea of when I will be allowed to resume practice before rescheduling you. I am hoping the restrictions will lift before the 30th but am also prepared for a possible extension. I will email you or contact you directly when I know for sure.

  • I am so excited to welcome you to my new home office! Remember that when I resume practice, I will be working exclusively from my home office, here is a sneak peek!

Liz Heller, LMT
Udaya Massage and Mindfulness, LLC