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June 18, 2020 -- We have not mentioned Europe lately, but Germany made the news today as the Federal Republic flared up with +1,099 cases, which is a big jump for a country that had not seen a 4-digit daily report in 41 days. Yesterday, Chile confirmed it had discovered 31,412 unreported COVID-19 cases. The adjustment obviously contributed to setting a new single day watemark for the world (+178,024), although the June 5 record of 146,743 new cases would have been almost reached without the massive Chilean contribution. Also in South America, tomorrow Brazil will wake up with over 1 million documented COVID-19 cases, however, Brazil's real number is most likely 3 to 4 times as high because Brazil's positivity rate of 55% suggest egregious under-testing of its population, driven by the country's policy of denial and refusal to heed to the repeated warnings from his nation's leading scientists. Yes this may be a political note, but we are dealing with thousands of lives being lost to political posturing and leadership choices... speaking of which, France and the UK have similar populations (around 66-67 million residents), but the UK is closing in on having twice the French number of coronavirus patients (300,469 vs. 158,641) and 43% more fatalities (42,288 vs. 29,603).

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  • COVID-19 Global cases: 8,576,707 (+178,024)
  • COVID-19 Global deaths: 456,262 (+5,025)
  • COVID-19 Global death rate: 5.27%
  • COVID-19 Global tests (est.): 120,802,587 (+1,536,630) 
  • COVID-19 Global positivity rate: 7.10%

*:incomplete data set
India data:

  • 381,091 cases (+13,827) PEAK (2 days in a row)
  • 12,604 deaths (+342)
  • death rate: 3.31%
  • 6,249,668 tests
  • positivity rate: 6.10%
Mexico data:

  • 165,455 cases (+5,662) PEAK
  • 19,747 deaths (+667)
  • death rate: 11.93%
  • 453.481 tests
  • positivity rate: 36,49%
Chile tightens lockdowns as coronavirus cases surpass 200,000
New measures include increased policing, and penalties of up to 5 years in prison for violating curfew or quarantine.

The Chilean government on Wednesday announced a tightening of lockdowns and "maximum" movement restrictions in its capital Santiago as the country's confirmed coronavirus caseload exceeded 200,000... READ MORE

Chile data

  • 225,103 cases (+4,475)
  • 3,841 deaths (+226)
  • death rate: 1,71%
  • 903,166 tests (+16,997)
  • positivity rate: 24.92%
Global Forecast
In the US
The second wave has started; it's April all over again!

As the reports were trickling in from our 50 states, it became quickly apparent that the upswing we witnessed of late was being confirmed. Tonight, the US reported more single-day cases than it had in the last 12 days, speeding the national curve back towards the 30,000 mark, which we were hoping was only behind us. Our nation is trending towards the record levels of infections we saw daily in April and early May. The states we have closely followed all week are continuing their ascent: California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, Alabama, Arkansas, and more. The spread in Texas is so aggressive that the state will likely rank ahead of Massachusetts before the weekend is over. Florida, Arizona, and Oklahoma all set new records today. As of this evening, the coronavirus has killed 120,688 Americans.

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  • COVID-19 USA cases: 2,263,577 (+29,703)
  • COVID-19 USA deaths: 120,688 (+748)
  • COVID-19 USA death rate: 5.33%
  • COVID-19 USA testing: 26,723,179 individual tests
  • COVID-19 USA positivity rate: 8.47%
Florida data:

  • 85,926 cases (+3,207) PEAK
  • 3,064 deaths (+43)
  • death rate: 3.57%
  • 1,514,005 tests
  • positivity rate: 5.68%
Texas data:

  • 102,661 cases (+3,357) near peak
  • 2,142 deaths (+37)
  • death rate: 2.09%
  • 1,576,925 tests
  • positivity rate: 6.51%
Arizona data:

  • 43,443 cases (+2,519) PEAK
  • 1,271 deaths (+32)
  • death rate: 2.93%
  • 517,666 tests
  • positivity rate: 8.39%
Oklahoma data:

  • 9,354 cases (+450) PEAK
  • 366 deaths (+2)
  • death rate: 3.91%
  • 271,339 tests
  • positivity rate: 3.45%
In California
Californians must wear face masks in public under coronavirus order issued by Newsom
Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday ordered all Californians to wear face coverings while in public or high-risk settings, including when shopping, taking public transit or seeking medical care, following growing concerns that an increase in coronavirus cases has been caused by residents failing to voluntarily take that precaution.

Newsom’s order comes a week after Orange County rescinded a requirement for residents to wear masks and as other counties across California are debating whether to join other local jurisdictions in mandating face coverings. The Newsom administration did not address how the new requirement will be enforced or if Californians who violate the order will be subject to citations or other penalties... READ MORE

California has established two new single-day records in the last two days and will overtake New Jersey's second rank in 48 hours.

  • COVID-19 California cases: 167,007 (+3,794) near peak
  • COVID-19 California deaths: 5,362 (+76)
  • COVID-19 California death rate: 3.21%
  • COVID-19 California testing: 3,074,530 individual tests
  • COVID-19 California positivity rate: 5.43%
In the Central Valley
The Madera County Department of Public Health announced that 20 more of our county's residents are infected with COVID-19, bringing our cumulative cases to 295. 9 coronavirus patients are hospitalized in Madera. A sharp rise of 132 new cases (45% of total) in the last 11 days of uninterrupted reports of new cases. Three of the 7 counties now have over 3,000 cases: Kern (3,590), Fresno (3,058), and Tulare (3,004). COVID-19 has killed 250 residents from our area of the central valley, of which the cumulative documented infections now total 12,443, which is more than all the cases in the neighboring state of Nevada (12,076).
Madera + 6 local counties

  • COVID-19 Mariposa: 18 cases, 1 death
  • COVID-19 Merced: 538 cases (+20), 8 deaths
  • COVID-19 Madera: 295 cases (+20), 4 deaths
  • COVID-19 Fresno: 3,058 cases (+158), 62 deaths (+1)
  • COVID-19 Tulare: 3,004 cases (+123), 107 deaths(+1)
  • COVID-19 Kings: 1,940 cases (+70), 10 deaths (+1)
  • COVID-19 Kern: 3,590 cases (+78), 58 deaths (+1)

7 counties together

  • COVID-19 7 counties cases: 12,443 cases (+469)
  • COVID-19 7 counties deaths: 250 deaths (+4)
  • COVID-19 7 counties death rate: 2.05%
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