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July 30, 2020 -- If you have been reading these daily updates, you have noticed that data from India is highlighted almost every day. Unfortunately, of all the countries documented in these daily reports since early March, this is the only country that hasn't show any signs of bending its pandemic curve. One could argue that India has in fact delayed the growth, not by altering its trajectory, but by initially lessening its daily toll. However, that relative control ceased to work in the middle of June, the last time the country saw daily numbers lower than 10,000 new cases. Today, India and Brazil released similar numbers, but India's trajectory is far more aggressive than Brazil's. Argentina and the Philippines also smashed through their record today and high numbers from countries around the world contributed to the third highest global update. Some of these contributions come from countries that had been initial hot spots: Iran, France, Spain... countries that appeared to have controlled their early spring COVID-19 spread. Particularly Iran -- graph and latest data is featured below -- looks like it is settling on a high plateau, unable to reach down to its early May baseline, with a curve similar to what we are increasingly observing as a potential new normal in some states in the US, specifically Illinois and Virginia. Tomorrow, Iran will have counted more COVID-19 infections than the UK and will rank tenth among the most infected nations on the globe.

  • COVID-19 Global cases: 17,464,215 (+285,123)
  • COVID-19 Global deaths: 676,401 (+6,453)
  • COVID-19 Global death rate: 3.87%
  • COVID-19 Global tests* (est.): 334,157,519 (+3,450,465) 
  • COVID-19 Global positivity rate: 5.22%
  • COVID-19 Global singe-day positivity rate: 8.26%

*:incomplete data set
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India COVID-19 data

  • 1,639,350 cases (+54,966) PEAK
  • 35,786 deaths (+783)
  • death rate: 2.18%
  • Tests: 18,190,382
  • Positivity rate: 9.01%
  • 1-day positivity rate: 12.31%
Argentina COVID-19 data

  • 185,373 cases (+6,377) PEAK
  • 3,441 deaths (+153)
  • death rate: 1.86%
  • Tests: 690,823
  • Positivity rate: 26.83%
  • 1-day positivity rate: 40.33%
Philippines  COVID-19 data

  • 83,374 cases (+3,954) PEAK
  • 1,983 deaths (+23)
  • death rate: 2.22%
  • Tests: 1,462,755
  • Positivity rate: 6.11%
  • 1-day positivity rate: 9.79%
Iran COVID-19 data

  • 301,530 cases (+2,621)
  • 16,569 deaths (+226)
  • death rate: 5.49%
  • Tests: 2,431,804
  • Positivity rate: 12.40%
  • 1-day positivity rate: 10.10%
In the US
Experts call for US to reset COVID-19 response as economy worsens | University of Minnesota

More than 1,000 health professionals have now signed an open letter calling for the United States to hit reset in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reset would essentially mean another shutdown in hot spot states, with all non-essential businesses closed, universal mask mandates, and a federally controlled response to the novel coronavirus.

Similarly, Johns Hopkins University's Center for Health Security published yesterday a new report called "Resetting our Response: Changes Needed in the US Approach to COVID-19." Like the letter, the report suggests shutting down non-essential business, including bars, in hot spots, and mandating the use of non-pharma... READ MORE

  • COVID-19 USA cases: 4,633,701 (+65,664)
  • COVID-19 USA deaths: 155,284 (+1,444)
  • COVID-19 USA death rate: 3.35%
  • COVID-19 USA testing: 57,465,126 individual tests (+780,747)
  • COVID-19 USA positivity rate: 8.06%
  • COVID-19 USA single-day positivity date: 8.41%
COVID-19 cases soared in Ohio, Mississippi, and North Carolina today, setting new peaks to the states' pandemic curves. The three states' graphs are featured below. Also included is the graph from the state of Illinois which looks like many of the east coast states that appeared to have beaten the initial onslaught of the virus, but which are now showing signs of relaxed vigilance, which translates into rising numbers of cases and associated deaths. In Illinois, beyond the state's May 12 peak, with 4,014 single-day cases, the lowest report was down to 462 new cases on June 22, but inching back up ever since, reaching 1,772 earlier this evening.
Ohio data

  • 89,644 cases (+1,750) PEAK
  • 3,449 deaths (+27)
  • death rate: 3.85%
  • Tests: 1,441,708
  • Positivity rate: 6.22%
  • One-day positivity rate: 6.85%
North Carolina data

  • 120,602 cases (+2,588) PEAK
  • 1,929 deaths (+41)
  • death rate: 1.60%
  • Tests: 1,724,924
  • Positivity rate: 6.99%
  • One-day positivity rate: 7.73%
Mississippi data

  • 57,579 cases (+1,775) PEAK
  • 1,611 deaths (+48)
  • death rate: 2.80%
  • Tests: 458,686
  • Positivity rate: 12.37%
  • One-day positivity rate: 26.61%

Illinois data

  • 178,138 cases (+1,772)
  • 7,670 deaths (+16)
  • death rate: 4.31%
  • Tests: 2,649,786
  • Positivity rate: 6.72%
  • One-day positivity rate: 4.31%

In California
As California coronavirus cases spike, contact tracing stalled by fear and embarrassment | nbcnews.com
Factors such as testing delays, distrust and embarrassment are combining to make efforts to contain COVID-19 more difficult in the state that now has the highest number of cases in the nation.

Every day, Solange Madriz spends several emotionally draining hours on the phone with people who are scared.

The people on the other end of the line have all been identified as close contacts of an individual who tested positive for COVID-19, and she is one of 180 contact tracers in San Francisco calling to tell them to get tested and stay home.

“You could tell by the tone of the voice, by the way they’re asking questions, and it's heartbreaking,” Madriz said. “I have social services that can support them and it's just heartbreaking to know they are experiencing fear — not only are they sick, but they are experiencing fear in a moment when they need a hand to support them.”

If they have to take time off to quarantine, they worry about losing a paycheck and then missing rent, she said. Immigrants worry their information could be shared with the federal authorities, and whether accessing public assistance could be held against them in future immigration proceedings, according to Madriz, who said most of her calls are done in Spanish.

But even just getting people on the phone can be a... READ MORE
California's high watermark is now 6 days behind us, are we now on the down slope?
  • COVID-19 California cases: 493,033 (+7,276)
  • COVID-19 California deaths: 9,002 (+105)
  • COVID-19 California death rate: 1.83%
  • COVID-19 California testing: 7,633,840 individual tests (+116,374)
  • COVID-19 California positivity rate: 6.46%
  • COVID-19 California single-day positivity rate: 6.25%
In the Central Valley
The Madera County Department of Public Health COVID-19 Update:

7/30/2020 COVID-19 UPDATE: Reporting 36 new cases bringing the total number of reported cases to 1,886. Please note this lower number reflects an issue in the timing of data transfer which has impacted today’s reporting. 
Of the 1886: 
  • 835 active case (including 44 Madera County residents hospitalized in Madera County)
  • 1023 recovered (51 released from isolation) 
  • 28 deceased  

The seven counties confirmed 1,712 new COVID-19 infections and 6 related deaths. the county breakdown is published below. Tomorrow's update will feature a weekly report.
Madera + 6 local counties (+% is the positivity rate)

  • COVID-19 Mariposa: 51 cases, 2 deaths, 3,574 tests, 1.43+%
  • COVID-19 Merced: 3,906 cases (+31), 35 deaths (+1), 25,555 tests, 15.28+%
  • COVID-19 Madera: 1,886 cases (+36), 28 deaths, 17,957 tests, 10.23+%
  • COVID-19 Fresno: 14,312 cases (+379), 120 deaths, 121,305 tests, 11.80+%
  • COVID-19 Tulare: 9,241 cases (+165), 173 deaths, est. 73,341 tests, 12.60+%
  • COVID-19 Kings: 4,106 cases (+70), 51 deaths (+1), 29,691 tests, 13.83+%
  • COVID-19 Kern: 18,411 cases (+1,067), 139 deaths (+4), 124,493 tests, 14.79+%

7 counties together

  • COVID-19 7 counties cases: 51,913 (+1,712)
  • COVID-19 7 counties deaths: 548 (+6)
  • COVID-19 7 counties death rate: 1.06%
  • COVID-19 7 Counties tests: 395,916 (est.)
  • COVID-19 7 Counties positivity rate: 13.11%
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