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September 3, 2020 -- India's explosion of new COVID-19 cases continues, with yet another single-day record of 84,146 new infections. Also setting new daily records today: Iraq, Argentina, Israel, and Indonesia. Today the reports indicate that more over 6 million people were tested, a new global high mark. However, today I also have some good news about a game changer product that may help us all deal with COVID-19's paradigm-shifting disruptions a little more effectively: a research team has developed a device for detecting novel coronavirus genetic material within 30 minutes using 3D-printed cartridges and a smartphone-based reader. The study finds that this method is as accurate as PCR testing (the current gold-standard for COVID tests). You can read the "Rapid isothermal amplification and portable detection system for SARS-CoV-2" here (let's get someone from marketing to rename this thing pronto!).

  • COVID-19 Global cases: 26,464,094 (+289,961)
  • COVID-19 Global deaths: 873,021 (+5,065)
  • COVID-19 Global death rate: 3.30%
  • COVID-19 Global testing: 526,613,921 confirmed tests (+6,427,396 PEAK)
  • COVID-19 Global positivity rate: 5.02%
  • COVID-19 Global single-day positivity rate: 4.45%

*:incomplete data set - please note the global testing number is up to 160 million tests (from 90,410,000 published in late June). For obvious reasons, I have not used that difference to calculate the positivity rates.
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India COVID-19 data

  • global rank: 3
  • 3,933,124 cases (+84,146) PEAK
  • 68,569 deaths (+1,083)
  • 45,509,380 tests (+1,172,179)
  • positivity rate 8.64%
Iraq COVID-19 data

  • global rank: 21
  • 247,039 cases (+4,755) PEAK
  • 7,275 deaths (+74)
  • 1,670,483 tests (+23,029)
  • positivity rate 14.87%
Indonesia COVID-19 data

  • global rank: 23
  • 184,268 cases (+3,622) PEAK
  • 7,750 deaths (+134)
  • 2,338,865 tests (+37,237)
  • positivity rate 7.88%

Argentina COVID-19 data

  • global rank: 10
  • 451,198 cases (+12,026) PEAK
  • 9,361 deaths (+243)
  • 1,324,687 tests (+23,821)
  • positivity rate 34.35%

Indonesia reports higher COVID-19 death rate among children than United States | thejakartapost.com
Indonesia is reportedly among the countries with the highest COVID-19 death rate among children, surpassing the United States, the world's worst-hit country by the pandemic.  KawalCOVID-19, a volunteer group that independently records virus case numbers and deaths in Indonesia, recorded a case fatality rate (CFR) among children, or people aged 17 years and younger, was currently at 0.9 percent, or 45 times higher than in the United States, which was at 0.02 percent. The CFR is defined as the proportion of infections resulting in death. KawalCOVID-19 co-founder Ainun Najib said that, according to national COVID-19 task force data, the CFR among Indonesian children aged 0-17 years was 0.9 percent.

“That means that 145 of 16,007 infected children of the age group have died,” Ainun told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

In comparison, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported on Thursday that 0.02 percent of all child COVID-19 cases resulted in death, or 82 children had died from a total of 355,123 COVID-19 cases in children aged 0-17 years in the US. According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the US is still the world's coronavirus epicenter with more than 6.1 million cases and 185,000 deaths, while Indonesia recorded more than 184,000 cases and 7,700 deaths.

In a separate statement issued on Monday, the Indonesian Pediatric Society (IDAI) noted that the country’s rate was higher than the rates in China and Italy, each of which stood below 0.1 percent, as well as Europe, where the rate was 0.3 percent. The percentage of child deaths per total COVID-19 deaths is also high in Indonesia. Children accounted for 1.9 percent of all...READ MORE
In the US
United Airlines creates interactive map showing states’ Covid-19 restrictions | cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- United Airlines has created a new interactive map so travelers can determine each of the states’ Covid-19 restrictions.

The new map explains if there’s a quarantine required for visitors, whether restaurants and bars are open, and whether non-essential shops are open.

The Chicago-based carrier (Nasdaq: UAL) said its “Destination Travel Guide” is the first of kind by a U.S. airline.

COVID-19 in the USA

  • Cases: 6,335,110 (+44,373)
  • Deaths: 191,058 (+1,094)
  • Death rate: 3.02%
  • Testing: 84,776,021 individual tests (+677,610)
  • Positivity rate: 7.487%
  • Single-day positivity date: 6.55%
US top 5 infected states:

  1. California: 726,377 COVID-19 cases, 13,490 deaths
  2. Texas: 655,980 COVID-19 cases, 13,433 deaths
  3. Florida: 637,013 COVID-19 cases, 11,655 deaths
  4. New York: 469,215 COVID-19 cases, 33,059 deaths
  5. Georgia: 277,288 COVID-19 cases, 5,868 deaths
In California
California prison’s dental clinic cited for COVID-19 risks | sandiegouniontribune.com
SAN FRANCISCO — California’s workplace safety regulator has ordered the San Quentin Prison dental clinic to stop drilling and other work because unsafe practices are spreading COVID-19, it was reported Thursday.
The California Division of Occupational Health and Safety said workers were being put at risk of infection and banned dental work that sprays droplets from the patient’s mouth until the prison can meet a list of safety conditions, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The prison in the San Francisco Bay Area is the California lockup hit hardest by the coronavirus. More than 2,200 inmates — about two-thirds of the prison population — have been infected, along with nearly 300 employees. Twenty-six inmates — including several on death row — have died from confirmed or suspected infections.

The order issued Wednesday said the prison dental clinic failed to set up isolation rooms for high-hazard procedures, failed to provide air-purifying respirators and didn’t clearly relay the COVID-19 infection status of patients to the dentists, dental hygienists and correction officers.

Asked whether prison officials refuted the allegations, Dana Simas, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, said the health and safety of inmates and staff was a “top priority,” the Chronicle reported.

Simas said that prison officials would work closely with the state “to fully explain all of the actions San Quentin’s dental program has taken during the COVID-19 pandemic and to directly address OSHA’s concerns.”
  • COVID-19 California cases: 726,377 (+4,581)
  • COVID-19 California deaths: 13,490 (+167)
  • COVID-19 California death rate: 1.86%
  • COVID-19 California testing: 11,663,924 individual tests (+83,554)
  • COVID-19 California positivity rate: 6.23%
  • COVID-19 California single-day positivity rate: 5.48%
In the Central Valley
The Madera County Department of Public Health COVID-19 Update:

9/3/2020 COVID-19 UPDATE: Reporting 13 new cases bringing the total number of reported cases to 3,889. We also regret to report 2 additional deaths.
Of the 3,889:
  • 383 active case (including 18 Madera County residents hospitalized in Madera County)
  • 3,449 recovered (33 released from isolation) 
  • 57 deceased

2 additional
  • Female, 50s w/underlying health conditions
  • Female, 60s w/underlying health conditions

Today, the seven local counties together confirmed 630 new infections and 9 new coronavirus deaths (in Merced, Kings, Madera, Kern, and Tulare counties). Our friends and neighbors are needlessly dying, many families are suffering. Science and the courage to follow its logic will solve this pandemic, any other discourse is inadequate.
COVID-19 in Madera + 6 local counties (+% is the positivity rate)

  • Mariposa: 73 cases, 2 deaths, 5,098 tests, 1.43+%
  • Merced: 8,202 cases (+80), 120 deaths (+1), 43,981 tests, 18.65+%
  • Madera: 3,889 cases (+13), 57 deaths (+2), 41,655 tests, 9.34+%
  • Fresno: 25,785 cases (+243), 290 deaths, 208,800 tests, 12.35+%
  • Tulare: 14,552 cases (+110), 243 deaths (+3), est. 111,938 tests, 13.00+%
  • Kings: 6,385 cases (+23), 75 deaths (+1), 60,701 tests, 10.52+%
  • Kern: 29,763 cases (+161), 294 deaths (+2), 172,009 tests, 17.30+%

COVID-19 in the 7 counties together

  • 7 counties cases: 88,649 (+630)
  • 7 counties deaths: 1,072 (+9)
  • 7 counties death rate: 1.22%
  • 7 Counties tests: 644,182 (est.)
  • 7 Counties positivity rate: 13.76%
Keep observing the simple yet proven habits of physical-distancing, mask-wearing, and frequent hand-washing, that will help drive down new infections and new deaths numbers, to a level low enough so as to give us a chance to reopen our schools for onsite education and thus, reopen our economy. Nothing else will work until we have a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.
From our hearts to yours,

Fredo and Renee Martin
Workingarts Marketing, inc.

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